Thursday, 1 April 2010


Hi blogger friends

I said I would let you see the pictures of the amazing needlework on display at the NEC in Birmingham once I had extracted them from my friend's camera, so here goes..
First of all these are some snaps of the winner of a competition whose theme was 'the swinging sixties'...Aah does that bring back memories! The whole thing was in 3D and utterly amazing.

How incredible is the detailing on this. It must have taken hours of work.

The runner up....

There were several other exibitions and here are a few photos of work I found rather special.

And then there was this childs chair, unbelievable. Every stitch done by hand.  I'm sorry about the photo but it was very difficult to get near enough to take a good one.


Well after all that inspiration what is a girl to do but arm herself with stuff to create her own masterpieces!  so of course I had to have some of this..

And a few of these

and some of these to fasten tiny slippers

And what about these little appliques. Thought they would make great brooches or embellishments for cute beach bags!


And what do I need to go with the beach bag..the perfect summer dress..1950s styling perhaps with a cute little cardi...well I can dream. At least I have the fabric..

Now all I need is the time!

Think I'd better turn in now or I won't beat the dawn chorus
Back soon
Jenny x


  1. Oh my gosh that chair is amazing!!! Have fun with your new purchases! Can't wait to see your finished products!

  2. Wow! Please may I have the armchair!

  3. That is amazing work...(makes mine look ****!!!)
    I would love to have visited and seen it in the flesh!
    Have a great weekend ;-)

  4. I have to say the photo of the chair doesn't do it justice and you should have seen this ladies other work! Everything done by hand. Some of her pieces took over a year to sew...Thank goodness for sewing and embroidery machines. I'd never finish anything without mine!!

  5. Wow, that's amazing. I absolutely loved that chair, how brilliant. Have a great Easter, Karen x

  6. Really enjoyed looking at these pieces. The 'Swinging sixties' must result from a great imagination and design ability and obviously - skill. I must try and get to more exhibitions.

  7. totally amazing works! can't wait to see your own works too :o) x

  8. Wow that chair is stunning. It amazes me how clever people are, I can bearly sew a button on.
    Burning the midnight oil again?
    Have a Happy Easter..x

  9. That chair is beautiful. I love the material you got xx

  10. Wow! What amazing detail. My favorite is the child's chair - how utterly adorable!


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