Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hi there

I was just thinking about a conversation I had with my DD a few weeks ago before I started this blog. I was a bit apprehensive as I didn't feel that I would have much to say, ( I know, I know I haven't stopped talking since!!) but anyway she suggested I should just tell some of the stupid things that I have done and experienced as they always make my offspring curl up laughing ( whatever happened to respecting your parents) and this story was the first one which sprung to mind.

It goes like this..

Full time working mother, 2 teenage children , 1 grown up child ( husband). Usual lunchtime trying to do everything for everyone and make sure I'm not late back to work. List as long as my arm, most of it not for me.

So there I was busy rushing around Woolworths, yes the place I really miss for all those odd things you can't get anywhere else, basket in hand. Ten minutes later I am in Boots the Chemist,.... face filler, toothpaste, cotton buds, think thats everything.  Off to the checkout to pay.
The checkout operator looks, smiles, looks again and leans forward whispering. "I'm sorry madam but these aren't our products!"
O b****r! nestling at the bottom of the basket, WOOLIES basket are woolworths paper plates, pens etc.
I have wandered all round Woolworths gaily walked out of the shop, down the High Street and into Boots to continue shopping!!!

Talk about be still my beating heart, I think it skipped at least half a dozen beats. I don't think my employer HM government would have been too impressed if I had been had up for shoplifting!

I paid for my Boots purchases and then very quickly, trying not to draw attention to myself...

dashed back to Woolies and sauntered into the shop.

After checking that no 'secret shopper' was about to pounce on me I sidled up to the counter and handed over the remaining items in the basket.  The assistant smiled sweetly and said " Is that all madam", to which I replied " If only you knew".

Needless to say I avoided the high street for a day or two and am almost sure that I have not repeated the incident since!! ...but I have got my bus pass now and so who knows!!!

Have a lovely evening and do remember when they say please take a basket they don't mean to the next shop!!

Jenny x


  1. Love it, great story.
    You made me chuckle.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  2. Great story - but I'm sure it happens more than we realise in our busy busy lives.

    My sister was browsing in a clothes shop when she caught sight of herself in a mirror. She had a T-shirt on a hanger attached to the hood of her coat - to her horror she discovered it was a T-shirt from another shop!!! She had walked a good way through town like that and no-one had mentioned it.
    She quickly hung it up on a rail and crept out of the shop!!! She didn't have the nerve to take it back to its rightful owner!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. This made me laugh, i'm glad i'm not the only one that does things like that :) xx

  4. ha ha - you are not alone, many years ago I did a whole supermarket shop, was just about to pay and stopped to ask for more bags, arranged everything nicely and off I went - I got right down the road before I realised I hadn't paid!!! obviously I went back, but the cashier hadn't even noticed! I don't think it could happen now (30 years later) but I was hot with fear as I walked back in that shop!

  5. Lovely, just the sort of thing I would do... Lizzie x
    PS I have not been to Lille for many years, but there is a HUGE market there around September time....

  6. What a funny story! I shouldn't worry too much though as its happened to many of us before. My daughter often used to pick things up and stash them away under the pushchair! So embarassing! Lisa x

  7. Great story. Bet it still makes you cringe!

  8. Great story and you are not on your own!! I once brushed my teeth with Immac!!!! and then had to ring NHS direct to see if I would die!! They put me on hold - obviously whilst the whole call centre laughed!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, that was funny !
    You were very lucky
    Have a good weekend
    Sue x

  10. Lovely story! I was up early seeing son of on D of E expedition. I'm starting to be a bit tired and needed a chuckle to liven me up. On a sort of similar note My parents knew a family who 'inadvertently borrowed' a penguin from our local zoo - this was some years ago - the culprit (then about 10) is probably about to retire now! That was a little difficult to sneak back!

  11. It is so funny , really great story , don't worry I'm also do (sometimes!!) thing like this !!!

  12. Oooh your post made me laugh but it also made me blush with embarrassment. It made me remember that years ago I walked out of a cafe without paying for my lunch.SueXX

  13. Thank you for posting this, it's always so encouraging to hear that I am not alone in doing similar things. Oh how I miss Woolies too, I keep hoping that one day it will emerge from hibernation on-line to take up residence once more in the high street where it belongs. xx

  14. Thank you everyone for your lovely support, it's very comforting to think that I am not one stupid forgetful woman, but just one of many. Your stories have certainly brightened my day and caused a few chuckles.
    Jenny xx

  15. Something I would do in a heartbeat Jenny. I walked home leaving a new baby unattended in his pushchair for hours outside the greengrocer's in the local Mall, but that's a WHOLE other story! He's OK & 30 now, but still gives me heaps about it to this day!!!!
    Millie ^_^

  16. I miss Woolworths too! My kids when they were in their double pushchair did that with a packet of chocolate biscuits ! I didn't find them until we had walked all the way back home! I felt awful but could see the funny side, bless 'em ! You are not alone on this one!! X

  17. Oh Jenny that was fab!
    So what did you do when working for HM Goverment Hmmm?...x

  18. Great story. I once walked out of Boots with their wire basket without paying but quickly realised my error and walked back in unseen (phew!)

  19. What a brilliant story!!!!

    Victoria xx

  20. You're certainly not alone you know! I once walked home with a shopping basket on my arm!
    (3 baby's and not much sleep!)However, I went back to pay.

  21. Your story really made me laugh this afternoon! my son pinched a silky nighty while he was in his buggy without me noticing once, luckily someone told me!
    The kids' slippers you make look great
    Louise x


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