Sunday, 28 March 2010


Why oh why do I have friends who insist on arranging days out with the earliest of starts on the day the clocks go forward.
No sooner had my head touched the pillow when I heard this horrible clanging sound.

My alarm clock!!

So half asleep I hurried to get ready for my lift to the Birmingham NEC for the Sewing and Hobbycraft show.
We arrived, as usual before it was open and so filled our time with tea and cake. Well what did you  expect, no time to have breakfast when you are on a mission.

Then it's into the halls to seek out inspiration and bargains. Um!!  Perhaps not then.
Although there were some fabric stalls and some interesting embroidery, I'm afraid the whole thing has become rather jaded.  It is a shame that so many shows start off with such promise and then just drag on not really progressing at all.
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my outing and particularly my little stash of fabrics which I will have to show later on in the week as I borrowed my friends camera.

There was also an amazing display of hand embroidery which really blew me away. Wall hangings, boxes full of 3D embroidered objects, a childs chair covered in the most amazing scenes. All by a lady whose name I am ashamed to say I have forgotten, but I am sure any one of you lovely bloggers who went to the show and perhaps has a program will remind me.

There were also needlework displays by students, really inventive; and pieces entered into various competitions on show and I will also have some pictures of these later in the week.

I said when I started this blog it was to be a happy look at life with all its ups and downs, but can I have one tiny grumble...

To the caterers at the NEC .....
since when did vegetables become 'sides'. Surely a main course is meat potatoes and veg! (providing you are not vegetarian) but they have now decided that a main is meat and potatoes and you can have veg if you want to pay £1.75 for about 2 sliced carrots and 3 raw french beans.  Well call me picky but I can get about 4 pounds of carrots for that. That said the taste of the rest of the meal was excellent, it was actually a shame to spoil it by having the veg at all.


You will notice of course that I have only really mentioned the sewing part, well obviously thats my real interest. We did venture into the hobbycraft part but it really seemed like rows and rows of stalls selling the same thing.  Sorry if  that seems a bit unfair especially if you enjoy card making perhaps it was a bit lost on me.

Anyway disappointing or not my friend made sure I stopped to the bitter end, she was driving!....and we arrived home about 7pm shattered. So tomorrow a nice long lie in?
In my dreams!

Night folks back soon
Jenny x


  1. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for following me! I have been reading some of your past posts and I love the pale green painted cabinets in your kitchen! And how fun to have a room called a "snug". :-)

  2. Hi
    That made me laugh about the veg, they seem to be doing that at places more and more now - rip off ey especailly when we are supposed to be eating 5 a day !!
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  3. Sounds like fun but I think I would rather rummage around charity shops :)

  4. I'm with you on the demoting of the vegatable.....what's that about??

  5. Hello Jenny. I love your top picture! So gorgeous that I am now off for a read through your pretty blog x

  6. you are so fun, jenny! love your profile and blog post.

    nice to meet you!


  7. Hi Jenny!
    I just popped over from Karyn's, you have a lovely place!
    Happy Spring!

  8. Your blog is lovely and warmy , it will be nice follow it!!


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