Thursday, 29 March 2012


Hello dear friends

It is lovely to be back here bursting with things to share with you. I know that while I have been away many of you have been extremely busy and I have tried to keep up with as much reading as possible, but I follow so many of you lovely people I apologise now if I have missed something momentous and failed to comment. Will definitely try to do better in the future.

I haven't been 'at home' for a while, first gallivanting off to bonny Scotland to stay with my second sister as it was her birthday, then attending a glorious wedding and my 2 weeks culminated in a trip to the NEC to the knitting and Stitching show. How do they always manage to arrange it on the day the clocks go forward. Its never funny getting up at 6am to travel but when it is actually 5am and you only got to bed at midnight it's torture!!

My sister Olive has lived in Scotland for 20 years now. For the first 18 she was living in the shadow of the Grampians but has now moved further south to Fife.
My holiday with her was fabulous full of long walks beside the sea and trips out exploring beautiful coastal villages.

Glorious scenery......

Wonderful walks.......and surprising wildlife...... 

We certainly didn't expect to see this wily fellow rooting in the rocks by the sea!!......

The sun shone though the wind was quite bitter but it was so nice to get out in the air....
We visited some lovely parks this one in Dunfermline......

There was a wonderful hot house here with fascinating plants not least this....

You must read the says it all...

The birthday girl was transported to the Garvock Hall Hotel in a limousine complete with liveried chauffeur and I am pleased to report it was a fabulous evening with equally fabulous food.

And of course the family celebrations continued on my return with the wedding of a very close niece. What a wonderful day and start to their married life. Gorgeous weather, fabulous venue and one of the warmest weddings I have ever attended. Of course this was due to some amazing organisation by the bride and her parents and I take my hat off to them all.

So having arrived home and as I said fallen into bed about midnight, I was not at my best for the NEC show. However I managed to drag myself around and forced myself to purchase a little fabric (which of course I really needed!). So I really meant the title of this post and though I appreciate how lucky I am to be doing all these lovely things at the moment I wouldn't say no to a day in bed!

Hope you are all enjoying this sudden burst of spring weather

Jenny xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


This is just a brief post to say thank you from myself and my family for all the lovely comments, tweets and texts we have received during what has been a  very difficult time. For those that think that blogs and Twitter etc are sad, you should read the real warmth of those messages mostly from virtual strangers. It is so good to see that there is genuine kindness and compassion out there and I for one believe it is truly meant.
Thank you all again. I will be back soon looking forward to a happier year beginning I hope with a beautiful spring. In the meantime I am reading your posts if not always commenting. They have been the perfect medicine. Thank you dear friends!

Jenny xx