Thursday, 15 April 2010

A WEEKEND IN BATH...but the wrinkles were there already!!

Well Bath!

My SIL,BIL and my DH are on a mission to visit as many places we haven't been in the UK as possible, now that we are supposed to have more time!! Umm .. that's a laugh. I cannot honestly say that many of the jobs I planned to do since retiring from F/T work have actually been accomplished yet, but we have done a bit of travelling.

We joined one of those hotel leisure clubs and so far have stayed in some wonderful hotels and converted manor houses. However on our last two trips to Chester and lately to Bath we couldn't get bookings so we found our accommodation on the internet.

In Bath we stayed at the Bailbrook Lodge, a Grade 2 converted  manor house which  is privately owned.  It was very comfortable and the staff almost overwhelmingly helpful.

On Saturday travelling the 160 odd miles the temperature reached 20 degrees at times and we were scorched.  We arrived a bit late having had to stop a couple of times to allow the poor driver some refreshment, and so were only able to take a short walk after booking in, to the Bathampton Mill restaurant where we enjoyed a refreshing drink by the water.

We later returned to eat there and it was excellent.

On Sunday we walked into Bath, but although the sun was shining to begin with, the wind was bitter. So glad we didn't follow our first instinct to leave our coats behind. We played real tourists and took the open top bus tour, even more glad of coats now !!
Of course we couldn't miss a visit to the Roman Baths, or at least my SIL and I couldn't. The men weren't so keen so stayed outside and enjoyed some real entertainment from a unicycle artist and a young girl opera singer. I hate to say it but I think in some respects they were wise.  Oh the baths were quite interesting but  I think they have made them far too commercialised. It has lost its reality and looks more like a film set!

The Georgian buildings were as I imagined them and it was easy to transport ourselves back to Jane Austen times and imagine parading in front of the famous crescent. 

 However one of the things which most impressed me and took us all by surprise were the wonderful allotments. Very well kept and showing an abundance of fresh planting.  Well thats just us, growing up in a farming area, what would you expect!!
Bath was very attractive but I think overall it was not my most favourite destination.  I'm glad I've seen it though.
We returned to our hotel by river taking a cruise up the Avon back to the restaurant mill, a pleasant leisurely way to end our day.

My biggest regret is that we didn't get to Nostalgia at No 1 at Shepton Mallet. We were too late on Saturday and the shop is closed on Sundays. One day though!!  I keep drooling over the lovely pictures in her shop window.

All in all it was a lovely weekend, lovely company, great food ( and some tasty wine) and we're now deciding on our next trip together. 

My next venture will be the continuing journey into my past, with a visit to Kent. More about that next time.

Jenny xx


  1. Lovely lovely lovely. That looks like a great trip. xx

  2. We really enjoyed our visit to Bath,recently! It is a lovely city which has grown on me over the years. I'm looking forward to another visit in the not too distant future!

  3. We are always in Bath and we love it! I agree with you about the Roman Baths it seems to have lost some part of it's identity amidst all the publicity and such like. Lovely photos. Lisa x

  4. I went to Bath in 2000 and we did the same photos more than like into my mind , thanks to touch exactly my "memory" , lovely post my friend , an hug

  5. oh I so love Bath, especially lunch in the Pump Room :)))

  6. If you ever do make it back to Shepton - pop in for coffee - live just up from the high street!!

  7. Oh memories, I grew up in Somerset so Bath was never too far away, I also got engaged there, must go back, great pictures sounds like the 160 miles were worth it.

  8. I remember visiting Bath! I loved that sweet little place with all it's beautiful buildings. I had tea at the Bath House? and it was all rather lovely. Thank you for bringing back some lovely memories. Oh and thank you for joining in my apron swap too.

  9. What a nice weekend, I have never been to Bath, must put it on the HUGE list of things I want to do.
    Jenny you should, if in Stamford one day pop in to that shop, it is very small but just lovely..x

  10. Looks like I need to put the UK on my list of must sees! Just gorgeous!!!

    :) T

  11. Looks like you had a great trip and the Georgian houses are wonderful

    Victoria xx

  12. i love Bath..we will be visiting in a couple of weeks... xx

  13. Bath, heard of it but never saw it. It's time for me to take a trip to the UK i see.xx

  14. Hello! - just found your blog so thought I'd drop by. We live near Bath and love visiting, there's some lovely shops there too.
    Have a good weekend!

  15. Hello! I just found your lovely blog, and how funny that you have just had a trip to Bath, I can see the Bathampton Mill from my garden! I haven't actually visited the Roman Baths, and I have lived here for 3 years! We're doing the boat cruise for the first time in a few weeks, as part of our wedding day!
    I'm following your blog now so will pop by again :-)


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