Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Evening all
Hope you have all had a good break whether its been busy or relaxed. It soon seems to go though no matter what you are doing.
We had a lovely Easter egg hunt on Sunday with our grandson, the first for many years as our offspring are so old! now.
 Mummy and daddy made him a sign...

It was difficult to get a good picture as the light was very bright

He carried his bucket down the garden and very seriously set about finding his eggs.

Some of the eggs were hidden a bit high, that Easter bunny certainly can jump! So he needed some adult assistance

Only to collect mind, not to eat!!

After a very filling Sunday lunch we all just chilled together watching some films, but later of course being a little peckish

We had to eat some of these..

And force ourselves to have some of these..

Followed , because of course eating hocolate is a thirsty business..

By copious amounts of this!!

Felt very sleepy later can't imagine why
Bye for now
Jenny x


  1. Oh what a wonderful day! Like the sound of the copious amount of wine too!! Karen xx

  2. What a lovely Easter Day! Lisa x

  3. Looks like the perfect Easter to me!xx

  4. These are the days this dear little boy will remember forever. Looks like the perfect day for all.
    Millie ^_^

  5. What a lovely little chap your Grandson looks.. Em x

  6. You are a girl after my own heart!! xxxxx

  7. Your little grandson looks like he is having a good time with the Easter egg hunt. My newphew did the same for the first time this year and he found every egg but unforunately refused to hand any over at the end of the hunt so went home with rather a lot of chocolate!!

  8. Thank you for your blog visit. Thank you for sharing your lovely Easter... choccies & wine...mmmm, now there's a nice thought!
    As for France, we don't tend to visit markets as such.. just drive down the long roads & visit anywhere that takes our fancy. Where are you going? (which area?) Lizzie x


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