Saturday, 31 January 2015

Who turned the light off!

This morning as I sat in bed having my first cuppa of the day it felt like the middle of the night and yet it was 7.30am! The light seems so unpredictable at this time of year, never mind the weather. It's no wonder that so many suffer from SAD!
One  Friday a couple of weeks after Christmas though could not have been more different, after quite a drawn out (for us) holiday where we had entertained or been entertained every other day for about 10 days, we arranged to take a walk out to Belton, only a couple of miles away from where we live.
That day dawned amazingly bright and crisp, perfect walking weather with just enough of a nip in the air to give us a glow.
We are very fortunate here in the countries 'most boring town' to be surrounded by some beautiful countryside just a stones throw away and one or two stately piles where you can enjoy some lovely walks.
Our goal was a local garden centre, not to start planning our gardens I fear but to break off for one of their delicious Lincolnshire sausage baps and a cuppa for our breakfast before we headed back home through the parkland of Belton House.
It was beautiful and just the tonic we needed having felt like we were in hibernation for so long. My body certainly feels as though it has been storing fuel (fat) for a rough winter!

The bare trees, the glistening river and the deer strolling around the park provided  some sumptuous  vistas.

A National Trust property that is well worth more than one visit and certainly gets our thumbs up.

Well 'the Wedding Year' has truly begun and the first 150 flags for the bunting we are going to use are sewn, only about another 2000 to go......... Wish me luck! We popped out to the village hall today where it will all be going on and were really pleasantly surprised. Although it was built in 1929 it looks clean and fresh inside with great facilities, and the outside looks just like a real old school building! Exactly the look the bride to be was hoping for. Phew!!

 PS. This looks as though it will be our busiest year ever, not just the wedding but we're off to Twinwood and Goodwood too!, tickets for the latter being another stunning Christmas present from the happy couple and family. We are so lucky....but now I'm panicking! Wedding dress, MOTB dress, 50s outfit  for Twinwood and 40s for Goodwood! I  have however just found a 1980's does 1940's suit packed away ready to go to a charity shop. I think with a bit of sewing magic I could have myself the perfect look for Goodwood.I have the perfect shoes and bag, just a hat to find!  Watch this space, I'll let you know how I get on.

Have a great week and do come and visit so I can check to see what you are all up to.

Jenny xx

Thursday, 1 January 2015

May 2015.....

Bring you health, happiness and all you desire! You are awesome and don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise.
I really believe in the power of positive thought and love so surround yourself with people and things and places that you really connect to..... And live your life as you deserve to......

Big Hugs
Jenny xx