Thursday, 6 October 2016

Tunic obsession

Do you find that you seem to obsess over certain items in your wardrobe. Over the past few months all I seem to have been doing is searching on line for Breton tops! I now have quite a few in different colours. What I don't understand is that as a sewer why I'm not making my own!!
They must be one of the simplest items to run up and yet so far I've not made a single one.
Admittedly in the past there were very few places to buy a really nice weight cotton jersey, but today that's not so much the case. Okay some of the nicer knits are not cheap, but at least making your own means they actually fit you!
Well that little obsession has taken a back seat at the moment 'cos I've now progressed to tunics.
Last year in the sale I bought two from one of my favourite retailers. One in a gorgeous gold with cream spots and another in teal. Whenever I've wanted to look good and feel really comfortable, it's been these that I've returned to again and again.Worn with crops on cooler summer days and they go just as well with skinny jeans or leggings for Autumn.
And there's nothing worse than finding that your wardrobe staple is suddenly past it's best, so knowing that I will be very sad when this happens and unable to find exactly what I wanted in a commercial pattern I decided to hack a pattern myself. Never tried it before, but what did I have to lose.
I thought it wise though to try a muslin first, before I started on any of my treasured fabrics, and so what do you test out a pattern you've made for a knit top out of.....A woven cotton of course...'Not!!!

So how lucky am I? I must have been a bit generous with my seam allowances without realising it, as apart from slightly snug sleeves the top worked brilliantly ( thank you dear friend Joan for the fabric! She gave it to me to remake some cushion covers but I think its much better as clothing!).
And once I realised that the pattern really worked,............ well...

Next up came a shorter sleeved more dressy version in a beautiful fabric I bought at the Knitting and Stitching show at the NEC way back in March and my latest...

One actually made from jersey this time. Birch organics maritime sanderling to be precise which I bought on line from Billow Fabrics.
I love it and there are lots more similar designs out there to try...and I even managed to pattern match the pockets, something I'm usually not too good at!

Well I'm still going to be sewing over the next few days but not for me this time. I have another costume to make, a pumpkin for youngest grandson. Hope it turns out as easy and effective as his brothers Tudor one and then I shall breathe a sigh of relief!

Always helps when you have a willing model, Bless him.

Hope you too have a productive week whatever your passion
Jenny xx