Monday, 21 February 2011


Well can you believe it...I missed it!!!

 The 1st anniversary of my blog was yesterday February 20th, and due to being so worn out with this blasted cold, I couldn't even face the computer. What a pig it has been, two weeks of thumping headaches, a throat so sore it felt as though I was swallowing razor blades, cold sores on my eyelids....yes you heard right, and I've coughed and sneezed so hard that I set off an old back injury and spent several days bent double, unable to stand upright.......

Picture courtesy of

Two soups!!................... the irony is that for a good part of my adult life I have often been told that I am very like Julie Walters, and I have certainly felt like Mrs Overall this last week or two.

Anyway enough of my whinging, it's just a cold and there are so many much worse then me, so I will now get onto what I hope is the good bit....

To celebrate how great I think you all are and how much I have enjoyed both the writing and the reading for this past year I would like to give away a couple of bits which I have named my...

Fly away giveaway

My theme is sea birds, for no other reason than the fact that I love them, and the gift will include,  a drawstring bag and one or two bits and pieces which might be useful on your travels.......

As you can see they are not finished yet, but I will have them ready to fly by the time I draw the winner on Monday 7th March.

So if you fancy feathering your nest with a few birds (and the odd surprise), just leave me a message on this post before Sunday 6th March.
If you would like to put one of my piccies on your blog to spread the word that would be great, but not essential.
Well I'm off now to down yet another whisky toddy (shame but someone has to do it) and then to my bed.

Jenny xx

PS. I am just adding this as I feel a real fraud with all the lovely comments of sympathy which I really do not deserve.  You are all very kind and it is really appreciated but I am on the mend now...Thank you!

Friday, 11 February 2011


Oops!  I appear to have been missing for a while, great intentions scuppered by boring life things, but hopefully back on track now. Which is just as well as I am fast approaching my 1st Blog Anniversary and hope to have a bit of a giveaway, but more of that later.

My first and most important item in this post is to say a big and embarassingly late thank you to both Jenevieve of Buttons, Ribbons and other things and Amy of Blighty Boutique for passing me the Stylish Blogger Award.  It is customary on these occasions to tell seven new things about yourself and pass the award on to 15 other people.  Well in truth after a year of boring the pants off you all, I don't think I have anything else of interest to recount so I will be very naughty and say if you read some of my old posts you will gather what kind of a nutcase I am, but hopefully won't hold that against me and come visit me again!
Since I follow so many brilliant blogs I would be hard pressed to name 30 of you, 'cos I like you all, or I wouldn't have followed you in the first place. You are all pretty damn stylish!
I am therefore going to highlight two blogs for no other reason than they have time and again amazed me by their ingenuity and prolific output of stylish fashion, for themselves and others, they are.......

Alexandra Mason and Kitschy Coo

Please ladies take(or not) the award, I do know that some prefer not to, but even if you don't I would just like you to know how impressed I am by your work, both quantity and quality.

Humbling apologies now over back to the title of the post.......

Do you ever get the urge to play truant from all the jobs, sewing, housework you should be doing, just to go and really mess about  for a change.

I do and often when I look at what I have achieved I have no clue how I will use it, or even if I ever will, but that never seems to stop me producing some very strange and mostly useless things.

So here are my first offerings of things created when I was drunk  feeling playful,  a complete waste of time and possibly money....but hey  who cares occasionally!

Do feel free to join in the fun, I would hate to actually feel that I am theonly one who is this insane.......

 Just why would you needle felt a bowl of vegetables......even my grandson shunned these from his toy shop! (they are too hairy!!)

This one surely smacks of foraging gone wrong....or was it the alcohol?..... again!!

 Photo Homes and Antiques magazine

And this little fella was the fault (or rather inspired by) an article in Homes & Antiques magazine about the very talented Domenica More Gordon.  My puny effort is no reflection at all of her work, which is brilliant, but yet again another example of....what am I going to do with it now........  I am not even a dog lover!..

So come on let us all see some of your cupboard stash (that is hidden in a cupboard 'cos you don't know what else to do with it), you know you really want to........................

I will be back soon with the start of this years places I have been or rediscovered (as I think our glorious Isles are open again now), and of course my giveaway.... but for now ....

Jenny xx