Monday, 26 April 2010


Right here goes..

First I would like to say an enormous thankyou to Jo of Muddy Puddle Crafts for awarding me this

I am really thrilled  and am equally in a quandry because I don't have the time to pass it on to 15 other worthy bloggers, and I know of many more than that.  I have been so chuffed that this is the 3rd award I have received in the last couple of weeks and as I was unable to pass the others on I feel, even if I now had the time I couldn't really deal with this one in a different way.

I really do feel bad but there is no point in spoiling the bit of time I have to talk to all you lovely people by getting worked up because I can't do what is expected of me.  I have therefore decided that the only fair thing to say is that I will have to declare myself an award free zone!  Oh dear!! I hope that doesn't make me sound like one of these spoiled 'artistes' who throw back their gongs at award ceremonies for some pretentious reason or other!

I probably wouldn't get any more after this anyway, but they should be given to others who can and will love to pass them on. I do think they are lovely and have their place, everyone likes to be recognised.

So if any of you out there will still speak to me and have a (very nice) button I can put on my blog which wont offend I would be very grateful if you will allow me to use it.

Phew feel better now I've said that and hope you won't all desert me..

Will be back tomorrow with a post about a very worthy cause passed on by Florence of Flossie teacakes a few days ago.

Night all
Jenny x


  1. Congratulations with your award!
    Nice one! An I love your blog award!


  2. I know what you mean - I have received a couple of awards too but although it's great to know people out there like what you say it can get difficult trying to fit it all in and not upset anyone's feelings can't it? It's like continuing to follow blogs which are no longer of interest in case of hurting feelings and trying to respond to those people who so kindly leave comments - a whole new etiquette to be understood and worked out! I for one will still speak to you though so have no fears you'll be sent to Coventry!!


  3. Hi Jenny, i totally understand it.Don't feel bad. As said before i like you because you are very honest in everything you write. I have not received one yet (my blog is not good enough, i guess) but i would do the same as you do. ( and feel bad about it). I.keep.visiting. xx

  4. I love your blog, congrats on the awards, Lucey xx

  5. Congrats on the award, but don't worry about your blog being an award free zone, it takes time passing them on etc etc.

  6. I'm coming from the same place as you! I've received a couple of awards but didn't feel right either telling everyone about them or passing them on. It is lovely to receive them but I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by singling out my favourites.

  7. I never abide by the rules. I usually leave the award for whoever wants to pick it up. I don't blame you for being an award free zone and I am still talking to you. xxx

  8. I quite understand - it is so hard to know who to pass them to, never mind finding the time to do all those links!

  9. Well done on your award but I totally understand your dilemma. I wouldn't feel bad about it at all.

    You have a lovely blog and I can see why you have been tagged so many times!

    Best wishes for a beautiful day,

  10. Will always love your blog - awards or not! xx

  11. My first stop by and you do have a lovely blog!
    Don't lose sleep over the award I never do chain letters.

  12. i think that's fair enough. blog awards can definitely be tough to keep up with. i'm sure no one minds if you don't pass them along :)


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