Friday, 2 April 2010


Don't you just hate it when your 'customer service' is tested to the limit.  As I have said many times among other things I make personalised slippers and because I draw the designs myself, digitize them into machine embroidery and then make the slippers and a bag to send them in I advise my customers that I need 28 days to guarantee dispatch.  OK when I'm not busy It may only take a few days, but there's always something happens when you least expect it and so I cover myself.
Over 6 weeks ago  information about my slippers was delivered by hand to someone wanting to order some. My full details, Email, Phone number etc.were on the details.
So on Tuesday 30th march I received a phone call requesting a pair for Easter!!
I had one free evening this week and all my days were occupied so no sewing time.  I should have said no...but what do you do?
Anyway the point of this post is to say with much relief, they are done and ready to be picked up tomorrow...Good job they didn't need posting eh!!!

Slippers done (name blotted out)

Bag all ready

Ready to go...hooray!

Now my Easter begins

Hope yours is full of sunshine no matter what the weather.

Jenny xx


  1. Oh how clever you are!!! I love them. I really think you are very talented.

  2. Wow, I think it was quite rude of the customer to ignore your posted time frame and expect you to try to rush something, especially during a religious holiday week. I personally would have said sorry, but no. But you are a much sweeter person than I am.

  3. Right I want a pair of Pink slippers and I want them now! Hehe..x
    Have a Jolly Easter...Em

  4. I don;t think people honestly understand how much time it takes to make something from scratch by hand.

  5. Thanks Em it doesn't take long for you lot to make me see the funny side. At least she only wanted one pair.
    And now to look forward to chocolate, can't eat that when you're sewing!!

  6. It was worth the effort- they look great !
    Enjoy rest of the weekend
    Sue x

  7. Hi Jenny, that seems like A LOT OF WORK! Enjoy your Easter, you can rest now.x

  8. PPS 19.27 slippers still here!!!

  9. Hope they are appreciated!! I used to do a lot of sewing for other people, but stopped because I felt I was being taken advantage of - well and truly. The slippers look greatxxxx

  10. Slippers finally gone! Lady was very apologetic and asked if she could pass details to friend. Said 'Of course..... provided she gives me plenty of time to make.... Think she got the picture.

  11. It's always hard to turn down any order isn't it - I always end up saying yes to anything as I'm so grateful, it's all the cooking, cleaning and other things that are difficult to fit in while trying to create to a deadline! Have a Happy Easter and a rest now xx

  12. Just found your lovely blog through vintage are so talented..looking forward to 'catching up' with your blog xxxx

  13. I absolutely love those slippers - just gorgeous, and I can tell just by looking at the quality and detail how long something like this takes to make! Brilliant, Karenx


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