Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Hi wonderful and so supportive bloggers

First may I say thank you for all the lovely comments I received on my previous post. You're all great, I am so glad I started this blog.

Secondly thank you and hello to my new followers, many of whom have also left great introductions and comments

I keep being asked if the 'little house' on my blog header is my home .  Well apart from the fact that it would not hold my fabric stash...or I am ashamed to say my wardrobe, I wouldn't mind living in it, but it is only 13 foot by 10 foot, plenty big enough for my summer house...that is the place to lay on the sofa bed reading magazines and drinking wine, but not quite big enough to move in permanently.  It is currently undergoing its bi-annual freshen up and when it is all done, the new flower baskets hung, the winter rubbish removed ( you know all the boxes from the new gadgets you have bought and you daren't throw them away for at least 6 months in case they have to go back!) and the new cushions finished and the chairs repainted.... I will give you an internal tour. I'll even provide cup cakes on my new cakestand and tea from my latest vintage crockery.

Well now to the real reason for this post...

Last week I read a very interesting and thought provoking post by Florence of Flossie teacakes about making Wiggly Bags for children undergoing treatment for cancer.  She included a brilliant photo tutorial written around the pattern supplied by the Liberty Rose Trust.  I had just taken delivery of some very cute fabric from Patch Fabrics and knew there would be some remnants left.  I was interested to hear that there was a real need for bags that teenagers would be happy to wear and since most of my fabrics would appeal more to this age and older I dug out some of my stash and in an evening made these...

Just have to add the cotton tape now and can send them off.  I know one of them is a bit scary, but Goths still rule you know!!

So if you're between projects and like me have masses of fabric scraps do read Florence's post, full details there about the trust and how the bags are used and printable PDF instructions and pattern and perhaps you could make one...or two.....or three....

thanks for listening
Jenny x


  1. Well done what a star you are xxx just read Florence's post, if I had a machine I'd make some but will be sure to tell all sewers I know about it. Cant wait for the summer house reveal

  2. Hi, what great wiggly bags. I'm going to read Florence's post now and see if i can help. Have a wonderful week xx

  3. That truly is a wonderful cause!
    I'm looking forward for the house reveal!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  4. What a fantastic idea. I love the fabrics you've used, especially the ones for boys as it's really hard to find 'cool' fabrics for boys - brilliant, well done x

  5. Hi Jenny! Good for you for participating in a good cause!!

    Can't wait to see your summer home tour!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  6. What an excellent cause, well done you.
    Looking forward to the tour!

  7. Hi
    thanks for your comment on Patch...
    I shall be getting the instructions on Florence's blog and having a go myself. I shall blog about it too when I'm done
    thanks for sharing :)

  8. I'm certain a very special someone will love that crossbones and skull one.

    And you have such a sweet summer house - can't wait to see the inside, dear.


  9. I'm looking forward to the house reveal too. .

  10. What a great idea! I'm not sure if my sewing skills are up to it, but I'll go and have a look!
    Becky :-)

  11. thank you for such a lovely comment, I had a really great week...x

  12. Hi Jenny
    Running Thread here - all the way from Australia.
    Great to see your blog and all the things you're up to. I want to move into your summer house! I'm delighted to be your parnter in the Apron Swap .... hope I can create something lovely for you.

  13. Jenny - they're gorgeous! Thank you so much for spreading the word. Florence x

  14. I love the Skull & Crossbones Jenny! As the Mum of 5 boys, unfortunately I saw far more of that over the years than the pretty, girly florals!
    Millie ^_^

  15. I can't wait for the house tour too. Lovely idea with the bags for cancer kids. I really like that. Lovely to visit you.

  16. Hi Jenny
    a bit of distraction never hurts :D !
    How noble of you to be part of such a good cause! I wish I could sew too but am utterly useless AND clueless !
    Have a terrific weekend

  17. Hello, the bags are a lovely idea! I can’t wait to see inside the summer house.

    Have a lovely weekend love Lou xxx

  18. Hi Jenny!!!
    Wow girl, it's so nice to meet you!!!
    I for one that charming little space in your header was your home but after reading your post...I chuckled at the fact that it was so small...too small for even your wardrobe! Geez!
    I think I would run in there every chance I get...it seems so relaxing.
    I wanted to stop in and thank you for your sweet comment. Now since you've mentioned fabric and sewing...I'm off to explore the rest of your beautiful blog, you totally have my FULL attention! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  19. What a great place to have as your summer house! Can't wait to see the changes you made.
    Have a lovely weekend

  20. That is a great idea and your bags are just fabulous, even the goth one!

    Thanks for letting me know about this great cause-off to have a look now!

    Best wishes,

  21. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I love it when you visit. Despite looking at your blog very frequently I've only just realised that your summner house is cream! Maybe I copied sub-consciously!
    The seven courses for the meal aren't too big, and with the wonderful waiting staff that tend to your table, before you know it all seven courses are gone! We are off to Mrs Miggin's pie shop (brown's in Lincoln) tonight! Talk about feast or famine. Jille x

  22. hi Jenny, what a pleasure to meet you. you have a very lovely blog and i want to thank you for this wonderful post. i am going to have a look at my stash and make a few wiggly bags to send to those poor little childrem.
    hope they can bring some happiness.
    warm wishes,

  23. Jenny, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you! ;)

    I love the thoughtfulness behind the sweet bags. Such a perfect gift of love to those in dire need of a smile and hug. Yes, goth stuff still is hot. Actually, I like all the pirate stuff.

    Can't wait to see your cottage! Perfectly cute.
    Love the buntings!!!!!


  24. Winnie,
    Wonderful cause, I love your site!! I am off to look.

    Art by Karena


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