Monday, 31 August 2015

Down came the rain!........

Twinwood 2015

Well it soon came round again and we set off eagerly on Saturday morning to our Hotel. (Not as brave nowadays as some who camp for the whole weekend, though if I had an Airstream I could probably 'rough' it lol!)

The weather was quite warm and we had high hopes for Sunday when we had tickets for the Festival, and though it was a little drizzly  it didn't look as though it would be much.

We managed to get around most of the vintage stalls and I was thrilled to find a fake fur stole to wear with my suit for Goodwood in a couple of weeks. That will be our first experience there so looking forward to it, though I know it will be much bigger and far more crowded. I think the men will enjoy the motoring aspect there though.

But back to Twinwood and that initial drizzle soon turned to steady rain, such a shame as the dance floors usually crowded were quite empty. My hat goes off to those stalwarts though who continued in raincoats and with umbrellas! It was quite a sight. The band even called for a brolly Mexican Wave. It was brilliant to see so many folk making a real effort to continue enjoying themselves despite our unpredictable (or should that be predictable) Bank Holiday weather. We Brits do sometimes get a reputation for doom and gloom, well there was no evidence of that at Twinwood, I have never seen so many smiles in the rain.

We stuck it out until we were really beginning to get rather wet and finally returned to our hotel, where we managed to book in for an evening meal. So we rounded off the day nicely and despite it all it hasn't dampened our spirits and we will most certainly be back.

The weather today returning home wasn't any better and I don't envy those packing up damp tents, but I have no doubt that like us many of them will be returning next year full of hopes for a dry weekend, but not really caring if it isn't. They'll still don their vintage and go determined to have a good time.

I know we did!

Have a good Week
Jenny xx

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A bit of a do!!!

Hello lovely bloggers.
Yet again I have sadly neglected my blog, although I do keep up with a few of yours each morning and evening. My few minutes of relaxation in what has been a hectic few months.........

And on Saturday 22 August 2015 all our planning and making and collecting all came together at Heidi and Steve's

Great British Seaside Wedding Fete

Heidi looked stunning in her dress, so all the panic over making it was worth it in the end and I know her dad was completely overwhelmed when he saw her walk down the stairs.

Their two gorgeous little boys were daddy's best men and  Alfie the oldest at 8 even made a speech. he was brilliant.

All the guests wowed us by sticking to the 1950s theme, and there were some stunning outfits.

Food came in the shape of a Fish and Chip Van and an Ice cream van......although a slight delay in proceedings meant many of the younger guests made a start on something else first.....

The guests were entertained with vintage songs by singer, Elaine Bishop,

 and played outside on the various games we had all designed and made over the past few months.

The amazing naked cake was made by Steve's lovely sister Jules...

 and the evening finished off with plenty of cheesy dancing!

I think a good time was had by all and we all breathed a sigh of relief that the Bride's vision had I think been accomplished.

So now its back to reality, washing and ironing, not only all those tablecloths but clothes ready for our visits to two vintage festivals over the next few weeks. So I hope I will be able to share things a bit more regularly now.

Hope you all have a fabulous week, 
Jenny xx