Sunday, 18 April 2010


Hello again

After yesterday's beautiful day we really didn't expect to get up this morning to more of the same. But we were wrong and so what do you do on a gorgeous sunny Sunday but head out to your local car boot.

It seems we weren't the only ones either as I'm sure half the county turned up as well.  I have never seen it so busy. Of course the upside of this was that there were loads of sellers too and we were therefore hoping for lots of treasure.

Alas at first it seemed we were looking in vain as almost every stall was either baby clothes, toys or the worst of the eighties. But you don't give up on days like this and eventually we struck, perhaps not gold but at least silver.

A selection of vintage books. Some for presents, one at least I have in mind for something else!

Some pretty pottery.

The platter and the small plate is for me,  the large plate for a birthday project and the two small oval salad plates are for my DD. I collect Johnson Brothers greendawn and greydawn from the 1940s to about the 1970s. The greendawn is this colour but has a fluted edge, These are green cloud a much simpler design which she prefers.  In fact the 'dawn' range includes both rose and gold as well and I've decided to get rid of some of my 200 or so pieces of grey, which is really a pretty pale blue and collect some of the other colours to mix it up a bit.

And then I found this charming tray

Its perfect for tea on the lawn dont you think!

Well now finally to get to the title of this post. Do you recognise these from a previous one...

Drum roll.................

Ta Da...........!!

My clever DH has now drilled them and with the aid of a handle set from ebay has created this fabulous 3 tiered cake stand.  How pleased am I! Anyone for a cup cake? I think I will put him into production.

So what do you do with your booty? I would be very interested to hear of any other makeovers to give us all inspiration and boost our flagging car boot enthusiasm.

Cheers for now, I will be back with 'Who do you think you are' Part 2, later this week!

Jenny x


  1. Love your finds and your cake stand is genius.
    Have just shown Gav and he recons he could help me make one from some of my plate collection.
    Have a lovely week.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  2. Wow! I love all that stuff, what a find!!! What kind of a drill bit did DD use to drill through china? I would like to pass this seriously useful info onto Hubby. I just love that cake stand! I am also totally inspired by all you girls in the UK and your CK bunting. It is sooo coool. I might try to make some for my son's 21st birthday lunch this weekend. better hurry!!!!

  3. that cake stand is beautiful and all the more so for being home made - I can't believe your hubby drilled it for you! I am sure if we tried this the plates would break- you both deserve to have a stack of cup cakes for initiative!

  4. I love your boot finds. I especially love the cake stand. Hang on, I'll be round for cake in a minute ;0) Jille x

  5. Fabulous items... to be honest I need to go car booting... but without the children... we have two possible events on a sunday... the very early morning one is better but the afternoon one is generally full of plastic toys and everyday modern stuff.... your items are fantastic though and I love the cake plate...

    x Alex

  6. Wow - that cake stand looks brilliant :) Must look on ebay for the fittings as its something I love to try out.

    I got the Downy Duckling book in the CS this week :)

  7. What a brilliant idea the cake stand is, You could actually sell those, I will be your first customer..x

  8. What a great cake stand - you did well with your buys. I'm looking forward to getting out to a boot sale next week.

  9. Wow!! Thats really clever - I am highly impressed!! As for your story about the curtains, I imagine that your daughter looked like one of the Von trapps!!!!xxxxxxx

  10. Jenny, I love reading your posts so much. Bath is a gorgeous place. If I won the lottery I would love to live there abouts. Your post about coming out of Woolies with your basket had me almost, well you know.....
    Looking forward to more fun and laughter from you,

    Anne (

  11. What great car booty finds. I did well at the car boot on sunday too. The cake stand is FAB. xxx

  12. I spy some Observers books there, and Downy Duckling is one I owned as a little girl - my mum probably still has it somewhere.
    Is there a special trick to drilling china plates? Other than being very careful!

  13. next post please. . .that cake stand full of iced beauties!

  14. Your tiered tidbit serving piece turned out great!!! I love how you used similar colors, but mismatched pieces.

  15. Lovely finds there, I especially like the 'Observer books' as I collect them myself, were they are bargain?
    The cakestand is simply fabulous!!! Is there a trick to the drilling, a technique so as not to crack the plates? Id love to have a go.

  16. Oh, wow! Very nice! Now I'm wondering if my husband could make that for me. I've stopped by cause I like your flag button... seen it at dog daisy chains.


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