Saturday, 1 May 2010


Evening all...Gosh I sound like Dixon of Dock Green, anyone out there brave enough to say they remember watching that on a Saturday tea time!

Any way to get back to business, again I must say hello and thank you to all my new followers. I have received loads of lovely comments and its so nice to meet new people and discover the amazing talent that is out there in blogland.  Lots of you have commented on the wiggly bags, and offered to make some, which is great, but of course I can take no credit for this. I found the information first here and was encouraged to have a go. Glad it reached a few other people.

I received a parcel this morning..

Soft cotton I can now thread mine and get them in the post. Just sorting some more scraps to make another batch.

Not been real busy today, bit of shopping this morning..collected a few bits from our CS...

This is The Countryside Companion edited by Tom Stephenson and what a great book it is.
Can't seem to find a date in it anywhere but it appears to be from the late 40s or 50s

This is the inside of the cover both back and front.. and there are the most amazing illustrations, not enhanced at all by my photographs but the light had gone when I took these..

This is part of the farmers year, fascinating to see how our countryside has changed...and rather sad too!

Then I found this

Shame about the sticker, daren't take it off.. The dust cover is a bit fragile. It seems to be mostly poems and rhymes connected with the garden. A real mixed bag!

Makes you think doesn't it..

But I bet all you lucky keepers of chucks will read this one aghast.......

I wonder what that fine bird had done to deserve that!.....

I found  quite a few more bits but can't show these at the moment as they are for surprises but I can show you these..

A  sweet simple cream midwinter bowl

And this......THE CONUNDRUM

A cream cheese dish....but wait all seems well but look at the stamps
First the plate...

Geo L Ashworth & Bros Ltd 1967..

and the cover..


Now I know that Geo L Ashworth & Bros Ltd  bought some of the Masons patterns  and that Grimwades are part of  royal winton pottery, but that is as far as my knowledge goes. 

So tell me all you lovely vintage pottery collectors, is my cheese dish made up from two different pieces?
Is there yet another connection between the two potteries?
The two pieces look as though they belong together. The fit is perfect, the colour matches, I am confused !!

Don't get me wrong I still love it and will use it I am just intrigued!
Hoping some pottery expert out there can solve my dilemma I will leave you all ....Til next time

PS. looks like I'd better sort that give away out..........soon!

Night all
Jenny x


  1. Love the books and yes I do remember Dixon of Dock Green - 'Evening all!

    That chees dish is lovely too but not being a vintage pottery buff I can't help you with your query!


  2. Some good buys there :)

    Hate it when they put those really sticky stickers on books though :(

  3. Love your finds. Hope you are having a great day xx

  4. Love,love the cheese dish! I agree, why do they always put the sticky sticker on front??? Love you blog and thank you for visiting mine! Have a great Day~

  5. I just made you 100!!!! Sorry I can't help with your pottery conundrum. XX

  6. I remember Dixon of Dock Green I was in love with Andy Crawford!!

  7. Lovely finds!

    Love the old books and illustrations, the hen poem is so funny.:)
    The top and bottom of the cheese dish seem to go perfectly together, thats so weird, looks good.

  8. Fabulous finds and gorgeous buntings...can't help with the dish though xxxx

  9. Hi Jenny!
    What wonderful finds! Those old books always have the best illustrations, don't they?

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  10. Can't help much with your conundrum I'm afraid but I do know that the arrow on the mark for the bottom of the dish means it was manufactured for use in the armed forces. My OH is 6th generation navy and we have quite a few 'heirlooms' with this mark!

  11. Lovely blog, lovely finds. Will be following from now on. Kate

  12. Lovely books Jenny but I'd better not let my girls see the Hen passage .... your cheese dish is a bit of a conundrum ... my feeling is that it is a perfect marriage as there are quite a few years between each piece but then again sometimes the blanks sit on pottery shelves to be revived at later dates. Have I confused you even further ;-)


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