Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Many of you experienced bloggers will notice that I don't seem to know what I am doing yet with the layout of my Blog, in particular the photos. I put them all in the sidebar because I hadn't a clue how to do otherwise.  Well I've decided to try to sort this out and so this post is just a test run.
The images, rather poor I might add are of some sample cushions I am currently working on.  If this works I have some lovely piccies of some of my favourite finds and things that make me smile to upload in the next few days. Yippee!! It looks like I've done it!
Back soon
Jenny x


  1. Yeah it worked, love your vintage fabric stash.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  2. They look lovely can't wait to see the next lot of pics. ....When you put your pics on, you need to put them on in reverse order of how you would like them displayed. eg, the last pic you upload will be the first one at the top of your blog post. Took me a few shots to work that out lol :o). xxx Pixie xxx

  3. Thanks Sophie and thanks for the good advice Pixie. Bit like a new toy really, should have read the instructions first.
    Jenny xx

  4. Hello,
    I love your header photo, is that your studio?
    I wish I had a lovely outbuilding like that.
    Oh and thank you for leaving your name suggestion.
    Emma x

  5. P.s wow I have just seen those union jack cushions on your side bar, do you make those?
    Emma x


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