Thursday, 25 March 2010


Queen for the day..and why?
Well the answer is this beautiful neat parcel, courtesy of Sophie of Chez-Sophie as part of Sew Scrumptious flower swap.  I really thought I was having a second, or is that 'official' birthday.

Inside the brown paper was a box covered in pretty pink tissue..

and inside this a very stylish box

But only when I opened this did I realise what a treasure trove I had received.

It was more like a Tardis than a parcel. How Sophie managed to squeeze so many goodies into it I don't know.

And what were my lovely treasures....Well I hope you have plenty of time

pretty lavender sachets

A handbag tissue holder complete with tissues (must have heard about the scruffy packets littering all my handbags)

A piece of fabulous fabric ..Now what can I make with that?.. for me of course

A rose patterned make up bag containing.....

A great big flump (that won't last long)

A pack of pretty playing cards

Flowery cleaning cloths..too pretty to use!

3 packets of poppy seeds..absolutely love them..

And finally the most exquisite vintage scarf - again with poppies as well as cornflowers, blue tits and robins and the prettiest retro style pinny which I will wear with pride.  My daughter has already ogled it!! Not a chance!

All in all an amazing haul

So thank you Sophie for such a wonderful swap, I haven't stopped grinning yet and my family are most impressed.
I would also like to thank Louise for arranging it and for all her hard work getting us organised.

Oh and Sophie we are taking a cottage in France this year and I will be packing my scarf to go with my red,white and blue (I know such a cliche) wardrobe..

Tres chic n'est ce pas!

And now O no! I have to do it all again. Off to finish my Tilda swap, catch up again soon

Bye lovely friends
Jenny x


  1. Wow. What a fantastic parcel of goodies. Gorgeous! Its so exciting seeing what everyone has made and sent. x

  2. Hi Jenny
    I'm soo glad you liked your parcel, I had soo much fun making and pulling it together.
    I love my parcle you sent me and will be posting about it tomorrow.
    Glad you like the scarf I got it im my CS and thought it fitted the swap perfectly, It looks fab with your jacket.
    Luv Sophie xxxx

  3. My goodness, what lovely things. Also recognise the CK pretty label on the parcel !
    Enjoy it all
    Sue x

  4. Oh how fantastic! What an amazing gift! I would be so happy to receive something as beautiful as all those wonderful goodies, and all in one gorgeous box! - a little bit of everything we love! Thanks for your lovely comment yesterday, the laptop is back working and I can breath again! Also, I cannot wait for the launch of your online shop, I've been looking through your goodies and I love them. I'm not very "crafty" myself but I've adore interiors for many years and remain v house proud despite having 2 boys under 5! I'm also a huge fan of handmade thhings as they're so much more special, and even more so since discovering all your wonderful blogging ladies. Thanks again, have a good day, Karen xx

  5. What lovely things from Sophie. Swaps are such fun:)

  6. Just LOVE your site- and thankyou for your kind comments!

  7. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for visiting me. Its nice to meet you! What a lovely package you recieved. Celebrate!!!

  8. Hi Jenny, I'm so pleased I chanced across your blog. Welcome to Blogland. I loved the story about tea at Nanny's. I was beginning to think that I was the only blogger in Lincolnshire. SueXX


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