Monday, 8 March 2010


Hello lovely people

Well I don't know about lazing but it was so wonderful to see the sun for the past few days and more especially over the weekend.  It does cheer me up. I hope its also cheered all those people who have found this last winter really hard, both in terms of the weather, illness and their own personal battles.  I hope they have found their own little ray of sunshine and can look forward to a more positive year ahead.
I am so blessed with time to do the things I love, a happy and healthy family and a lovely home that I really do say thank you every day.

On Sunday we managed our delayed visit to Holme Pierpoint the National Watersports Centre.  Don't get me wrong I'm no extreme sporting granny. It's just that it's quite near and we have never been. Well we didn't go until mid afternoon and unbeknown to us there had been some kind of white water canoing contest going on.  We missed the main action but did get to see a few hardy folk doing the course afterwards. They must be mad. Sun or not it was freezing and they were doing 360 rolls!!

Can you imagine it in this!

Not my idea of fun, but it was certainly interesting watching them. This is more my idea of what the waters for..


Chance would be a fine thing, but I can dream!

While we were out my lovely talented daughter took lots of fab photos of some of my bits and pieces and I am just getting them together to show you. Some I have to keep secret for a little while as they are the subjects of the swaps I am doing, but as soon as the lovely ladies have received their parcels I will show those as well.

Looking forward to sharing them with you

Bye for now
Jenny x


  1. Hello Jenny,
    As you are one of my favourite bloggers,
    I have nominated you for a SUNSHINE AWARD!
    Have a peek on my blog if you would like further information.
    Em xxx

  2. Hi Jenny
    Thank you for sharing those lovely photos, and leaving a comment on my last post.
    Take care
    Bridie x

  3. Time is a blessing indeed...I need to be blessed! lol

    The water looks gorgeous but now way would I get in that freezing water...I'll stand on the shore line with you!



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