Saturday, 20 March 2010


A froggy once sat in a pink striped hat
 upon a lily leaf.
He'd soon have flown if he had known
 what was lurking underneath.

A gruesome pike had parked his bike
against a wall close by,
His evil desire was to acquire
 a piece of froggy pie.

On spotting a bubble the frog scented trouble
 and realised he was the goal
Of a villainous beast who fancied a feast,
 he was truly a toad in a hole.

He had to be quick with his vanishing trick
 he knew there could be no delay.
So he took off his hat and in it he sat
 and promptly he sailed away.

Then he opened his eyes for to his surprise
 the ultimate end to his plight
A fisherman's gear was laid out quite near
 and the owner was nowhere insight.

When pike came upon the leaf frog sat on,
 he leapt up to swallow him whole
But his sly look of glee changed to pure agony
when he hung from that fisherman's pole.

So that night instead of the frog lying dead,
T'was the pike that lay battered and beaten.
Frog was heard to rejoice, in a baritone voice,
Tis better to eat than be eaten.

So if you are small dont worry at all
 If your foes look too big to repel
The frog though minute was still very astute
 And proved brains could win battles as well.

Jenny Bowman 1979

This was written as a bed time story for my children and they still remember it word for word.  I used to love nonsense and story poems and wrote loads at one time or another, most of them more rubbish than nonsense, but it kept me amused!

Ah Well back to the slippers have some which are to be delivered by the Easter Bunny so better crack on.
Have a great weekend.

Jenny x


  1. Hi Thanks for your message on my blog, good to meet you . Thanks for a nosey round your house on the great blog. I love your 'den' Its soooo not fair !!!!
    Enjoy rest of the weekend
    Sue x

  2. Hi, Just wanted to check you know who you are swapping with for the flower swap? Info here if not
    Louise x

  3. Hi - great blog, will return again for a proper look when I have more time. But if you should see the Decorating Fairy, please send her to my house when she's finished at yours!!

    BW Ellie

  4. This decorating fairy is going to be very busy, perhaps I should change my business!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and following me. Love that poem, You have a beautiful blog, and I follow you too!
    ~Your 'escape' is so lovely~

  6. Hi - what a lovely blog - and your escape is gorgeous - I'll be back - xxx


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