Thursday, 18 March 2010


What is it about springtime that suddenly makes the cosy home you had at Christmas seem so tired. As I've been trying to find homes for my latest CS finds I have been noticing a distinct Shabby without the Chic here and would so love to start a real blitz on the old homestead. However time is not on my side at the moment and since I will definitely need a skip when I start, I will have to bide my time until the weather really picks up.

The kitchen's not too bad, still need to finish the window valances which have been waiting since about last September, but at least it had a fresh coat of paint.

The snug, my favourite room, looks straight down the garden to the summer house and on summer days when the french doors are open is so tranquil. Again its not too bad just needs a freshen up, but I desperately want to make cream loose covers for the 2 settees, and when that will happen I have no idea!!
The real culprits are the hall and landing, which need some replastering before they're decorated and the dining room. The latter is the most used room in the house and I'm afraid you can tell. There are pretty things in it but they are not helped by their surroundings. I think I need a decorating fairy to magic it all beautiful!!

So if you by any chance know of one with a very strong wand, just point them in my direction. Can't pay much but do a nice line in chocolate cake and of course wine!

Some of the pretties


Jenny x


  1. Hi Jenny! Your home is just lovely!!! I know what you mean about how a home feels at Christmas vs Springtime...just needs a fresh perk up in the Spring!

    :) T

  2. Thank you Tracey, having viewed your beautiful blog thats really nice of you. x

  3. Hi Jenny!
    You have a beautiful home,and I love your kitchen I wish it was mine!!
    Take care, and have a lovely weekend.
    Bridie x

  4. Thanks Bridie, yours already looks stunning to me. I would love to go the whole vintage thing but I'm not sure that I would do it as well as you. Have a good weekend. x

  5. What a gorgeous kitchen you have! I love the spring sunshine, but not the need for housework it reveals! Rebecca x

  6. wow u have such a wonderful home and beautiful treasures! i love your studio what a fabulous place!!!...thank u for your lovely comments on your blog- ive just been admiring the treasures on yours- happy blogging!!! ;0)xxxx

  7. I love your green kitchen, and the dresser is beautiful too.

  8. If you find that wand do let me know! Despite only moving into my home a few weeks ago and having it professionally cleaned prior to that I still feel like there’s much to be done!!

    You home looks lovely to me though!

    Victoria x


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