Friday, 5 March 2010


Hello again
Well I've just managed this before midnight again, I'm getting a real night owl. It's when I seem to have the most going round in my head and I think if I don't get it out I will have forgotten what I was going to say in the morning.
I read a lovely post by Kazzy at a mermaids purse the other day about a canvass she has created inspired by the great Cath Kidston. It's super but she does herself a real disservice by dismissing herself as just a copycat. To start with I think it's quite individual  and beautiful and secondly with the current trend by many popular designers, CK herself, Tone Finnangers Tilda books and now Poppy Treffrey in her book Free and Easy Stitch Style, we are being positively encouraged to use their patterns and style to create our own dream objects. The key here of course is 'for our own use and pleasure' although I think that stretches to giving as gifts, but not for any commercial use. Most of these designers anyway get there inspiration from other sources, and Cath Kidston actually shows you in one of her latest magazines how they took inspiration from a vintage bag to create their new small satchell. So I dont think Kazzy should feel at all bad about her inspiration.

A wigwam panel

Talking of the books by CK with her designs in, Sew and of course Make, the instructions in the books refer to hand embroidery and applique. However if you're like me and do a bit of machine embroidery and can digitize why not scan the pictures in the books and turn them into machine embroidery. I use a Husqvarna machine and so it took me some time to edit the pictures, but I understand that if you use Embird the process is relatively simple. I am by no means an expert as those that are will see from my attempts, but the results are still better than if I had used either of the suggested methods.  I have included a couple of pictures of my attempts to show you the result. The cowboy themed pieces are for the panel in a wigwam I am making for my grandson and 'Stanley' is for a cushion cover. I have heard a rumour that his print is to be discontinued, thats very sad! I will have to search for an original piece to keep. The flowers are for a current project I have on the go, fortunately they are better in the flesh than this photo, but no more about that at present, and the final picture is to prove that all this home copying does not mean I do not support the designers themselves.

Save our Stanley

Awful photograph, but you get the idea

                                                  I still shop for my favourite things ( this is just a tiny sample)

Well thats me for now
back soon
Jenny x


  1. Wow.... Jenny you are so talented, I'd never be able to do machine embroidery. It's so neat, you must be so pleased with it. I'm loving your bits of CK too. xxx Pixie xxx

  2. Thanks Pixie, believe me if you can work a computer you can do this kind of machine embroidery. Its not freehand, the machine does most of the work once you've got your image sorted. I'm not even very good at it yet you should see what the real professionals can do. But thanks for your lovely comment as always
    xxx Jenny xxx

  3. Ck is always a joy to see!
    I love the machine!
    I must get some Stanley before it goes forever!

    I love the CK goodoes!xxx

  4. I love the cowboy theme, I am saving up to get some CK cowboy wallpaper. Wish I could create such lovely things!
    Em x


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