Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Hi lovely bloggers,
Hope you all had the kind of weekend you wished for, be it energetic, productive or plain relaxing.  I know for some it was pants, but hopefully they can still keep smiling.
We decided to go out on Sunday, but our plans were quite literally dampened by the appalling weather both on Friday and Saturday night, but amazingly Sunday dawned bright and crisp so all was well.
We decided to risk looking at the first local car boot of the season and were stunned by the number of hardy sellers who braved the uncertain weather and stood for several hours gradually sinking into a river of mud.

There weren't a lot of bargains but I did manage to collect some pretty plates and another mug for my coronation collection

Hope to use one of these for my 3 tiered cake stand

No awards for the photo I'm afraid

We then set off to the East of England showground for the Shire horse show. We're not great equestrians or anything but DH used to ride one when he was a youngster on the farm and has always loved them.  I must confess they are very appealing 

There were lovely vintage tractors and old fairground rides

And a few indoor craft and vintage stalls at which I managed to pick up a couple of things for my daughters birthday in July.  She has been so in awe of the things I have done for the swaps I entered, that she has asked if I would make up a swap box for her for her birthday. Her wish list includes somethings made by me, some vintage collectibles and any other things I spot that I know she is either collecting or on her wish list.  I am happy to oblige as I have found the swaps great fun!  Can't tell you what I got her of course, that will be another post in July!

Well that sort of rounded up the weekend, but my good humour has continued as tonight I finished the 3 pairs of slippers requested for Easter and they will be in the post tomorrow, What a relief, I can now concentrate on my Tilda swap which I am really enjoying.

Have a good week and if you can't be good, really enjoy yourself, no point in doing anything by halves. Life's too short, live it! Back soon,

Love Jenny x


  1. I absolutely love those slippers, the polka dots are my fav, but as I have 2 small boys I'd be equally as happy with the grey star ones - perhaps you do a size 6 adult in polka dot!!!

  2. Oh Jenny you must be a local if you go to the showground.
    If you are, I hear that Crystal lakes has a great carboot in Fenstanton.
    As for the Pj's and wellies it sounds like this is the standard kit to be worn by all blogger's whilst roaming round their garden's hehe!
    Em x

  3. Hi
    That all sounds great.Have a good week
    Sue x

  4. Hi, just found your blog.
    What great slippers you make.
    That Shire horse show looks good - I love the old vintage tractors and fairgrounds.

  5. Those were pretty plates. Love those old tractors and the carousel.


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