Saturday, 8 May 2010


I don't know what this means to you, or even if I have quoted correctly, but what this means to me is don't always ignore what you have in your search for something new and beautiful. That wasn't supposed to sound too deep, just an observation. ( I have only had one glass of wine!!)

One thing this blog has shown me is not only how many really friendly people there are given half the chance, but how little notice we sometimes take of the lovely things that already surround us.

 I have oooh'd and aaaah'd and I confess coveted some of the lovely finds people have shown on their blogs and even some of their homes, but once I started trying to take a few pictures for my blog I was quite surprised at how many great hand made things I have been given by my family for birthdays etc. over the years. They really have recycled and reinvented!

So I do not apologise for todays post being a celebration of my talented family.

So in no particular order here are a few things they made with love......

Kitchen table by DH constructed from old door, old planks and turned legs found at CB for £6.50

Wall hanging by DD to replace stuffed fish which was on wall when we viewed the house. I merely mentioned it was a shame they had removed it as it was perfect for the age of the house.
 (Much prefer this version really!)...and of course I wrote a poem about a pike.....

Boat shelf made to match this bought one by my DS as I liked it so much.
Made from bits of tin and plywood!

The original (much smaller sits on the mantlepiece)

Bathroom cupboard made by DDs partner

Rustic boat and bird by DD

Grandmother clock made by DH and painted by me

Flower detail

Coffee table by DH from old scrap wood

Another hanging sign by DD....

and finally a pretty birthday card painted by DD and eventually framed

Sorry about the shadows on this one it faces the window so was a bit difficult to capture.

Anyway I hope you will all forgive me my bit of family indulgence, but it's good sometimes to stand back and really appreciate what you've got and I have been spoiled with so many lovely things over the years I just wanted to share them with you.


  1. Oh how beautiful they all are!!
    I particularly like the clock though,,that is just deee-licious!
    have a lovely weekend.
    Em xx

  2. What a very talented bunch you all are! xxx

  3. What a beautiful post! I'm SO glad that you stopped to see the roses in your life--they are truly abundant!

  4. Hi Jenny~ Thanks for visiting me today! I love the doll on your sidebar. Soooo cute! Happy Mother's day.

  5. Wow! So much talent in one family. You are so fortunate to have wonderful family artists' creations in your home. Love it all! ~ Angela

  6. what surprising talent all under one roof - I absolutely love 'home sweet home' and your coffee table - they cost a fortune in the shops just like this one! your husband could be doing commissions!

  7. Gosh. I'm impressed. The tables are really great.

  8. Hi Jenny
    You've got some really pretty things there - I like your table and bathroom cupboard!

  9. Love the boat and that table is just what I'm looking for...lucky you Lucey xx

  10. What a talented family you have there! These things are all unique and also made with love which you don't get when you buy on the High Street! You are so right about blogging making one realise what lovely things one is surrounded by too.


    PS Did you see the article about your Keep Calm and Carry on poster last night on the One show?!

  11. Oh what lovely things, I might like to steal the coffee table! How nice to be surrounded by hand crafted goodies on a such a grand scale. Justine x

  12. Very impressed by your talented family! My parents are actually much the same and their house is filled with handmade delights. Well done, it's a special feeling to be surrounded by things your family has made :)

  13. Your things are lovely! clever people.

  14. Hello!!Wow you guys all are so,so,so talented. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Have a good weekend!!!

  15. How lovely to have such talented people around you and to have so many beautiful objects in your home. I'm sure they mean far more to you than anything you can buy in shops.
    Love Kathy xxx

  16. Such lovely things and such a sweet post.
    Hope you're having a nice weekend

  17. Wow wow and thrice WOW!!!! What truly talented people you are. I love EVERYTHING!!!! xxxxxxx

  18. You are all very talented.
    I just love the tables your DH made and the little fish details on the cabinet is so sweet.
    Lisa x

  19. What a creative family you have, love all the bathroom boats and driftwood bits x

  20. Wow! You are all so talented! I especially love the handmade tables and the bathroom cupboard!
    So much nicer than shopbought!
    Rachel x

  21. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments! Have told DH he has to go into business. I know it was a bit self indulgent but I am proud of them too!

  22. Is he cute or what? My own little wishingstar!
    I was just checking my blog with the translator from Google! My god! Can you read my blog at all? Google translates it very weird!

    Have a nice Sunday!


  23. What a lovely talented family you have!

  24. Wow- what a tallented bunch! I agree with you about learning from the other blogs to recognise the beautiful things we already surround ourselves with. Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog.

  25. You are very lucky. Not only is your house filled with beautiful things, but it is very evident how well loved you are by your family. Enjoy being surrounded by all the pretties - and don't worry... I think we all love seeing the talent and creative spirit that people like to share!!

  26. Just wanted to say Hi! You and your family are a very talented bunch - I love the table your DH made from a door but unfortunately whilst my DH has a talent for obtaining 'stuff' he has yet to turn it into anything useful or beautiful!
    Have a good weekend,
    Vicky x

  27. What very sweet and precious treasures you've got from your family. It all tells it's own story. They are worth more then money can buy.
    (it's a bit difficult to express myself but I hope you understand). Today I got a handmade gift from my son for mothersday, it's a real treasure for me too.
    Hugs Ester

  28. A lovely post and gorgeous handmade goodies! Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx

  29. Wow! Aren't you a talented bunch! Thank you for sharing, it's lovely to see what other people get up to!
    Jille x

  30. i love all the weathered wood - bits. it is such a lovely theme to carry through your house. and especially as they are handmade. bridget

  31. Hello there. I hopped over here from Pebbledash. Goodness! I am very excited about that wonderful table and cupboard. What a lot of handmade wonders you have - they are so up my street. They are even more precious because they were made by the people in your family!

  32. Lovely items, I especially like the tables, what a talented family you have!

  33. Hi Jenny~~~

    Someone once said that once you pick up a camera you begin to see the things that were there all along and I have found that to be so true!! And I have also been forced to move things around and change things up a bit as a result and so nothing is ever quite the same.

    You do have some lovely treasures and a very creative family! Do you live near the water? I sense a nautical theme!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You have a very nice one!!


  34. What lovely hand made things you have! Even more special since they are made from family members. We really love the table. What great craftsmanship!!

    Have a great week,
    Laura and Michele

    P.S. I had a wonderful Birthday. Yes, I agree my mom is very clever. She is very thoughtful. I love my cookbook!!

  35. Hi Jenny!

    Boy, you weren't kidding, you really do have some talented folks in your family!

    What wonderful treasures, thanks so much for sharing!


  36. Dear Jenny
    I'm so glad you wanted to share those beautiful things you have! You're right to feel proud about them.. more so cause they've been made by you and your loved ones. How precious are they!
    Never hesitate to show us more!

  37. Hi ... found you via Suzy's Vintage Attic and really felt in tune with your comment and this post sums it up ..... when will these young ones listens to us mature folk and relax and enjoy what it right under their nose before it's too late. You have some lovely pieces in your home made with love and appreciated so much more than a piece of mdf from a certain yellow establishment. Off to read some more of your posts now x

  38. How lovely all these things are.
    They are all so beautiful!
    The tables show true craftsmanship
    I love the boats!!!
    Thank you for sharing Jenny!

  39. Beautiful! You really do have a talented brood.
    The tables are amazing, he should start up a business!!!
    My Father is the same, he can turn his hand to anything. He has made my mother some lovely big garden planters and a birdhouse recently that look as though they came from a posh shop somewhere.....I guess men do have thier uses.

  40. You certainly do have some pretty things yourself.

    Victoria x


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