Friday, 14 May 2010


I have been mentioned by the lovely motherofpurl in her blog and I thank her very much. I'm so glad my blog cheers her up, it means I can't be moaning all the time!
Although I have posted in the past that I find it hard to accept awards because I don't have the time to pass things on to sometimes 15 people, this is a little different as I only have to tell you 7 random things about me and mention 2 other bloggers.

So this time I will happily play along as I have just finished my sewing for the 2010 Apron Swap organised by Red Gingham for my partner Jan at Running thread and am settling here for a few minutes with my glass of wine.

1.I love marmite
2.I hate coriander
3.I prefer baths to showers
4.I have 4 sewing machines, 1 embroidery machine and 1 embellisher and 2 antique machines (Greedy so and so aren't I) 
5.I love dance of every kind, particularly ballet and Lindy hop (too old to do either now)
6.Fascinated by the 40s era. Loved the programme 'The 40s House'
7.I play in a ladies darts team! ( and no I don't wear a shirt with my name emblazoned (is that how you spell it) on the back. Though I did once think of doing that as a job!

Well there you go nothing earth shattering, I'm afraid I haven't climbed Mount Everest or swam the Channel, although there was a rumour once that Captain Webb who did, was a relation.....still checking that one out.

The two great bloggers I would like to tag in the hopes that they will carry this on (though not compulsory) are Louise at Sew Scrumptious because every time I find a new blog I have noticed that she always seems to be one of the first to leave a lovely welcoming comment, as she was when I started
My second nomination is Em at Ems shabby shack. I know she wont be able to respond to this at the moment due to bl**dy BT messing her about but maybe when Virgin rescue her she will.  I just love her upbeat blog and also her renovated furniture and am hoping for a bit of a discount when I see something I like.....that I need!!!!!  Really, really kidding, they are worth every penny she asks.

Well my glass is empty now so needs a refill, but once that's done I will be back to read all the posts from you other great bloggers.

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather, and remember if you can't beat it.....give in!!

Jenny xx


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me. Thats lovely! Its really cheered me up. Will try and do it over the next couple of days if I get a minute. Thanks again! x

  2. These are great answers and it's good to know you a bit better!! You do love your sewing machines, don't you? I have one and until I learn how to thread it, it will stay new!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! :-)


  3. I have enjoyed my visit here today. It was good to know a little more about you. Wow, you have a few sewing machines. I have two, and also a serger. I will try to get back and look at the other blogs you mentioned.

  4. ah, but does that mean you enjoy eating marmite sarnies in the bath whilst listening to 40s music? :0))

  5. Lovely to know more about you Jenny, I love marmite too and I'm especially loving the extra strong verson at the moment, mmmm.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  6. Have a lovely weekend too jenny, I'm with you on the coriander front yuk. xxx Pixie xxx

  7. Nothing beats fresh coriander on a curry! Very cool that you play in a darts team- what a talent!

  8. I have enjoyed my visit, and I wanted to thank you for visiting our blog, entering our giveaway, and posting it on your sidebar! I love you blog and have joined as a follower! Blessings~~~Daphne

  9. great facts - hope you have a lovely weekend too,

  10. Hey another Marmite lover..theres too few of us about!
    Em xx

  11. How intresting! I love marmite too! Have a lovely weekend. Lisa x

  12. Great post! I used to play for our local pub's dart team, we weren't very good but it was great fun and we had free food :) Hope you have a lovely week xx


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