Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Well Spalding to tell the truth!

On Sunday we went for a trip to the Springfield shopping outlet near Spalding to try to find one or two things for my trip to Kent next week on my continuing hunt for my ancestors. All I can say about that is if I wanted to look about 15 or 80 I would have had my pick. ....It was rubbish!!.....
I did manage a cotton robe and some new PJs but as for anything stylish ..... ummm!!  Like all of these oulets it is a bit hit and miss.  Next time I go I will find loads of things, ( you know when I'm not going anywhere!)

However Springfield does have one saving grace, the beautiful gardens. These have been extended over the years and more so recently and apart from the musical fountains, which don't operate in windy conditions( thats never then) and when they are not operating look awfully like a sewage farm (by that I mean the ugly machinery that sits high above the water) the rest of the gardens are well worth seeing.

There  is a fair area covered by lawn, complete with deckchairs to enjoy the view, flower beds and shrubs and several ponds with decking, many of which are hidden and you come across them quite unexpectedly.. were these.........

And these were but a few of the glorious swaithes of tulips (hence the title of the post) that we stumbled across.  OK they are a bit past there best but I dont think I have ever seen so many varieties or colours in one place, except at the actual tulip festival, which was the week before!

My camera battery failed before I could take any more shots but I could have happily clicked away all afternoon. So it wasn't such a wasted journey, and if you do venture there do take a trip on the water taxi to Spalding town and back. About half an hour each way it is a lovely stretch of water and so relaxing. Better if the sun shines of course, but I can't guarantee that.

The children are also catered for with a little adventure playground and a maze as well as mini golf and an ice cream parlour.

So as I have already said well worth a visit even if you're not shopping, talking of which for those of you not so into gardening or nature here are a few pieces I picked up recently at fairs and CS. ( I dont want anyone to feel left out)

A lovely sadlers teapot, ready for my summerhouse opening tea party!

A pretty set of fruit bowls

And a sweet linen chair back which I intend to turn into a cushion cover.

Well thats all for now folks until next time
Good Night
Jenny x


  1. The flower photos are amazing! Love your blog, glad I found you!

  2. I am dying if the flowers weren't gorgeous enough...that china????? YUM!

    m ^..^

  3. Lovely selection of tulips.
    I like the idea of the official summer house opening!
    Lisa x

  4. You can never take too many pictures of beautiful Tulips! Love the teapot and the future cushion cover i always find it easier to shop for these things than for clothes. xx

  5. Oh those tulips - they're stunning! I keep going back to the images and scrolling up and down. Thankyou! I am still yearning for that table made from a door. It's one of the most exciting pieces of furniture I've seen!

  6. Jenny your photography is amazing! You should consider sending them to gardening magazines, such great quality!
    Hope you recharge your batteries in time for the summer house opening, need pics.
    Best regards
    Deborah {fondantkiss}

  7. Oh wow those Tulips are amazing!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    PS. I haven't herd back from you, I need to post you something little -remember : )

  8. Hi Jenny!

    Oh my goodness, those flowers are incredible!
    Great photos!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. Those maroon tulips were just divine, they looked like they were made of velvet, K x

  10. oooh! The flowers are so beautiful and uplifting, Thanks for sharing!

  11. Too right about clothes these days! Why do they not make anything really stylish in sizes for 'women of a certain age'? The spring flowers were lovely though.


  12. I love your description of the fountains!! A pitty about your shopping but by the looks of it the gardens made up for your lack of purchases. The tulips are beautiful.

  13. Tulips and pretty vintageness. . .def something for us all!
    thanks for sharing it

  14. Thank you lovely ladies your comments are really encouraging, I love to read them as I do your own blogs.
    Jenny xx

  15. What lovely Tulips

    Hugs RosieP x

  16. The tulips are lovely. I remember two long days out in a small rattling car with my grandmother many years ago. On each occasion we were too late and missed the blooms. Husband and I were only just talking about going one year. Festival used to be an almost annual treat on Blue Peter!

  17. Hi Jenny, so glad you came by the new Seed Box blog, I'd love to have you visit my personal blog, Common Ground. I just joined as a follower, I have a fascination with British life and countryside! Have a wonderful week!

  18. Jenny darling you took lovely photos, I can almost smell the flowers. You lucky girl, the teapot, fruit bowls and the linen are fabulous, enjoy them in good health darling.

    Love & Hugs

  19. I love tulips, theres something so cheery and sunny about them!
    As for your finds..I love teapot and bowls and can't wait to see the cushion you make from the chair back.
    Em xx

  20. What beautiful finds! That embroidery is lovely, I love finding items like this - all the work that went into them... Thank you for your warm comments on my blog, I too hope that those little tights last, if not, it was a good learning curve!

    Love the tulip images too!

  21. What lovely needlework and that teapot! Divine!

  22. Spring's been so beautiful this year hasn't it. Great photos!

  23. Tulips!!!!!!!! Love them, feels like home for me :)
    Lovely pictures you've been taken! Looks like a great day you've had!

  24. Those Tulips are wonderful, and i love your china xx

  25. So pleased to have found your blog. I know Springfields very well having lived in Spalding for about 15 years before moving to into Staffordshire. I love the water taxi ride:) When we first moved there (early 80s)there were fields and fields of tulips around the area. Now I live near where your lovely Sadler's teapot was made.


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