Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Well if I keep finding all these wonderful goodies every time I go to a car boot, I am going to need to upsize!! (is that a word ?)

Last Sunday in the scorching heat we went to our regular haunt and it was heaving and for once the goods on offer were well worth checking out. I haven't seen so many stalls there for a long time, in fact there were probably more than I have ever seen. There were the usual hundreds..a slight exaggeration.....of stalls selling baby clothes and toys..I know I would have been thankful for them a!! years ago, but this time there were a fair few bordering on vintage/antique stalls. 

Of course we avoided those that were asking antique prices but still found some terrific bargains.

First there was this little card box, not sure if its for whist or bridge! ... but the little tab revolves to show a different card suit  on each it were these..

A complete Lexicon game, definitely one for the cold winter nights in front of the fire...... umm ..after last weeks soaring temperatures this week feels like winter so perhaps it will get used quicker than I thought!

Ok its only a Readers Digest book, but the content and the pictures are great. Was thinking I might copy some onto printable fabric and make some messenger bags.. and now for the really good stuff...

A beautiful decorated jug

A dish for the tea strainer..(only when I'm being posh though, will normally only hold the used tea bag!)...

This darling little creamer which goes beautifully with the teapot I got recently too!

And finally if you have seen my earlier posts you will see I have a great love of Johnsons 'dawn' pottery from the 1940s-50s, although I believe some was still produced up to the 1970s.  I collected the greydawn, which is a beautiful pale blue, then the greendawn, because it went with my kitchen. Now though my tastes have changed just slightly and I'm  a real fan of mixing and matching, rose prints, ice cream colours. spots and stripes and so I decided to start collecting all the 'dawn' colours which are grey, green, gold and rose.  I will probably cull my greydawn a bit as I have about 200 pieces all told.

So you can imagine my delight when I found these...

a goldendawn gravy boat and saucer and the rose one of these....don't they look great together...

So I'm looking forward to a bright and sunny Bank Holiday as we are off to Wetherby race course on Saturday to the CB there, then a local one here Sunday and the big one at Long Bennington near Newark on Monday...see what I mean
Now do I take bags...or that old shopping trolley or....I know the wheelbarrow!!

Back hopefully, with other treasures to share later.Hope you all have a good week and the weekend you are wishing for..


Jenny xx 


  1. Ooooooh what lovely finds! You obviously have a good eye!
    Jille x

  2. I would have fought you for those three little jugs..Haha
    Where is this carboot sale?
    The only good one I know near me is Brampton!

  3. Those 3 jugs in a row look really lovely.
    Such a lot of pretties.
    I dolike the idea of putting some of those images onto fabric. Oh to be talented in the crafty department.
    Lisa x

  4. Oh oh oh!! I am in love with those pastel, ice cream colours. The set is very similar to a pale blue set I have. I have so much china and nowhere to dispaly it! Where on earth do you keep all yours??

  5. ooh Jenny, what great treasures you've found! I love that teapot with flowers, and your other cans are so beautiful too. I realy love those soft colors.
    Wish you luck on your next "shopping"
    Greetings Ester

  6. Great finds.... I think I need to "upsize" too!


  7. I have just checked and my teaset is indeed GreenDawn!! I have never seen the others colours, I will be eBaying for those!!

  8. I wouldn't have been able to resist some of these lovely things either!

  9. Love the pic of the 3 little jugs together - very pretty :)

  10. Lovely finds, well done you. xx

  11. Fab finds, especially the pastel jugs - but be very very careful. My best friend is moving from their family home to a bungalow. She is a prolific "booter" and is struggling to get rid of all the "Stuff" she has accumalated. xxxxx

  12. Good car booting. You'll be full up soon. I've blogged thank you.

  13. Hi Jenny, just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for my box of goodies which the postman just delivered.

    Oh I'm so excited to have won your giveaway, I've decided to have a vintage theme and do one myself so when I get it organised you must join, and then perhaps I can reciprocate the joy your beautifully wrapped gifts brought me.
    Bring on the toadstools!

    As soon as I get a mo I'll post a thankyou and pics.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. So many great finds! Hope you have just as much luck this weekend.

    Victoria xx

  15. Hi Jenny!
    Those are great finds, I LOVE those three sweet pitchers!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Oh, ilovethecreamer and the pastel colors. Great finds! xx

  17. Lovely finds, Love the gravy boat and the rose milk jug looks great with the gray & green one.
    Hope you had some more lovely finds this weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  18. I've decided to collect a particular Colclough china range but in a few different colours so I can mix them up! I have to look at e-bay though as I don't do car-booting - hope you find lots more treasure at yours! xx


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