Monday, 17 May 2010


Here at Winnibrggs House its been a really pleasant though pretty ordinary weekend. The sun shone, the jobs got done, evenings spent doing a little I thought perhaps you would like to take a stroll with me around my small but nicely formed little haven....

So grab your glass, or coffee and take a stroll with me..Outside the kitchen door is a little part paved and part gravelled area where we have a few pots. When we first moved here the whole area was solid concrete, grey and drab and so we have done what we can to lighten it up. A bit difficult when the concrete was about a foot thick!!

Scrummy blueberries, the flowers just setting. Hopefully there'll be enough for Joanne Harris' French blueberry tart later on in the season

My beautiful Solanum (potato vine) at least it was until my DH pruned (butchered) it!!!!!
The canopy used to spread across to the kitchen door and it was a mass of small purple flowers from April until October.  OK twice it has become so heavy it has come down from the wall but a little trim would have sufficed. I think even he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw all these new shoots, but I don't think it will be its best this year.....

DH's latest idea to use some copper pipe to grow trailing plants around the pond. He seems to be catching this 'make do and mend' idea!

Yet more ways of breaking up (quite literally) the horrid concrete....even get my patchwork out here...and not a sewing machine in site!

Through the first arch, our small attempt to 'grow your own'....peas, parsnips, lettuce, beetroot... tomatoes and nasturtiums in the hanging baskets..

Runner beans..not so far on this year..!

Gooseberries forming nicely

Rhubarb, ready to cut this year, yummy crumble and custard...can't wait

Then through the gate on to the bridge over the pond....

in past the second gate (grandchild security with pond) and onto the small lawned area..pots of strawberries just coming into flower

borders of small shrubs

The lovely montana grown to cover the sadly demised cherry tree!..from this

to a week such beautiful flowers

stepping stones for hanging the washing out when the dew is still wet..

Hanging baskets newly planted, I hope those frosts are gone.....

and so to the back gate.... before we slowly stroll back again...

Well I dont know about you but I'm ready for a fill up now..... was that red or white...................!!

Hope you enjoyed our little amble..until next time ..when I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway
Jenny xx


  1. It looks idyllic...any chance of you adopting me??
    Have a lovely week.
    em xx

  2. Hello Jenny
    What a beautiful and interesting garden you have :)
    Have a great week
    love julie x

  3. You have a beautiful garden.
    I really love the pathwork part.
    very inspiring.
    Lisa x

  4. What a beautiful place you created! So many plants and pots. Love your patchwork stones. It's realy very cosy outside. Thanks for taking us on a trip trough your garden.
    Have a great week,
    Hugs Ester

  5. Thank You Jenny, I thoroughly enjoyed the 'walk' through your garden....very refreshing.....inspiring.... and beautiful. Good luck with your fruit and veg garden!
    Sam X

  6. You have a gorgeous & very productive garden :)

    MrVV tends to give severe 'haircuts' to some of our plants - howver they survive even if they don't look very pretty for a short while.

  7. Beautiful garden tour Jenny! LOVE the pond

    Suzanne xxx

  8. Oh Jenny that was so nice, I was transported to a haven of lovliness! My garden is a disgrace and seeing your pics has inspired me to tackle my mess. Such a delightful post thanks for sharing x

  9. What a beautiful garden you have! Thanks for the stroll around it and the glass of wine! ;)

    Love Lou xxx

  10. A lovely stroll around a lovely garden, thank you. I had my stroll this morning with my first coffee of the day!

  11. What a beautiful haven! We nibbled away at a patch of concrete which we inherited outside our backdoor. Finally gave in and asked for help when our drive was relaid. Herringbone re-cycled bricks and Victorian rope edging now. I love your patchwork!

  12. What a gorgeous garden :) It's beautiful!

  13. Thank you so much for that, your garden is an inspiration, I cannot wait to get stuck into my new garden when we move soon. I would love to see inside your house sometime, because from what I cans ee, it looks lovely, have a great day, K (it was red, now it's a coffee!!) xx

  14. Such a pretty garden! I have a potato vine and it is amazing! I butcher it every year because it gets so big and it comes back with a vengence! Thanks for sharing your garden. Lisa x

  15. You have such a pretty garden, all I have is a postage stamp!! xx

  16. What a pretty garden. Love all the grow your own. xxx Pixie xxx

  17. Absolutely heavenly! A dream!

  18. You have a lovely garden, great photos!

  19. Mines a red please Jenny!! What a beautiful garden. I too have Joanne Harris's French Market cookbook - its one of my faves. xxx (PS we did tha lamb again on Saturday at the request of my daughter who does a very long shift in Primark on Saturdays - how could I refuse her!!) xxxx

  20. What a lovely garden!
    Just stumbled across your blog and plan to come back again soon...

  21. Mine's red! Your garden, your summer house, your bunting....all GORGEOUS. I am so envious every time I see your

  22. I enjoyed this stroll enormously. I do love your patchwork paving with all those different textures. We;ve just had our first rhubarb crunble of the year. It will not be the last - the thing's a triffid!

  23. Thank you for the stoll in the garden, much appreciated after a long day. And a glass of white for me please - cheers! :-)
    Becky x

  24. What a lovely garden you have. It's so beautifully pristine yet blowsy and cottagey. There's nothing nicer than own grown runner beans, so I hope they are successful for you this year.

  25. You have such a lovely garden! wish I had your green fingers

  26. A fairytale garden - how wonderful....x

  27. What an interesting garden, its wonderful. Thanks for the stroll.

  28. I'm sorry Jenny, but there's no way I'm going inside right now...I love being out here!!! But if you don't mind, I'd like a glass of RED please.
    This is soooo peaceful...I don't think I'd ever want to leave! {sigh}

  29. Ah, such lovely garden delights. I would be so happy to spend all my days in my garden.

    Stop by for a visit to see my lovely blooms.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  30. I agree with everyone else - lovely!

  31. Jenny, your garden is beautiful..! Just magical - I love it. Thanks for taking me for a stroll on this (rainy here) morning.



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