Monday, 24 May 2010


Although I do have to admit that like the follow up to a lot of great films its a bit lacking in murder larceny or even plain bigamy, but we enjoyed ourselves just the same.

But before I begin, a great welcome to all my new friends, I do try to visit the blogs of you all but have to admit that I can't physically read all your  posts, but I do have a damn good go!.
I have now posted all my parcels to the giveaway winners and for my Apron swap so hope they arrive safely and that you like what I've sent.......

Big sis and I set off on our little trip to Kent last Tuesday and after a comfortable train journey and free bus travel!.. even in London arrived at our hotel about 3.30pm. We had been in touch with cousins on our dad's side and one of them came to fetch us, took us back to their's for a lovely and most welcome meal and then surprised us by announcing that all our cousins were coming to meet us!  I have only ever met a couple of them and it was great to get to know them a little. Our evening passed so quickly, but I'm sure the neighbours would have been glad of that 'cos the noise must have been quite something.

I do hope they don't mind my including this group picture, I won't name them but I am so thrilled to have met them.

Over the next couple of days, armed with our bus passes we visited all the sites of our mum's early childhood, although the original buildings have long since gone.
We managed to trace granny's grave (mum's mum) and take some flowers, visited our own brother's grave in Strood and obtained lots of useful information to further our search at the Strood archive office.

Lovely pic of Strood with the tide out....

Nothing amazing found so far but a fascinating and well worthwhile trip.......our journey goes on....

As a complete break, although not entirely disconnected, as both our brothers were in the navy, we visited the Chatham Dockyard, and in fact one of our brothers was actually based here.  We only had 3 hours to spare and so saw but a small fraction of the displays. Didn't even get into the museum! However even those with no connection at all would find plenty to amaze and interest them, but it would take a full day to see it all.

The entrance

The three war ships in the dry docks. We went inside the submarine, what an experience that must have been. 69 crew living in little more than cupboards with no baths or showers, for 14 weeks at a time. Talk about cosy. I cannot imagine (or want to) what it would be like!!

PS forget I ever mentioned my sister having any kind of affliction, 'cos I've never seen anyone half her age zip through narrow round hatches like she did. Talk about fearless, she makes you ashamed to ever moan about your lot!

A little interest for the train enthusiasts

A working rope factory where the rope walk is a full quarter of a mile long. They use bicycles to get up and down!

Well we certainly had the weather for our travels, and it has continued right up to today. Sunday the temperature hit 30 degrees here and we went to our local car boot to find the most stalls we have seen for ages. Found some little bargains, but more of that and some piccies later in the week.

I think I have bent your ears for long enough tonight, especially as you have had a rest from my ramblings and so are not quite up to them again.
I will therefore say good night and go and have myself a little read of your blogs, envy your bargains and gasp at your talent before I finally turn in.

Jenny xx


  1. Oh I do love your family story's looks like another good fact finding trip, you tell it so well and all those pictures really help to piece it all together. Any more trips planned ?
    p.s there's a giveaway going on at mine if you fancy it !

  2. How wonderful- it must be great to reconnect with long lost family! Looks like you had a very interesting and enjoyable day x

  3. What a lovely surprise, seeing all your cousins together like that.
    I couldn't go on a submarine, far too claustrophobic!
    Lisa x

  4. You certainly packed a lot into your time :)

  5. What a great trip! We are (rather OH is) installing an irrigation system in both greenhouses at present - it will be great not to be a hostage to the tomato plants - my kind aunt is finding watering duties a little too much now. Very expensive Gardener's Delight for the forseeable future!!

  6. Just came back to see that i was not a winner.Ted and Bunny would be my favorite runner up so i'm glad for her. xx

  7. Wow looks like you had a great but very busy time!
    Em xx

  8. What A GREAT TIME YOU HAD - IT LOOKS SO LOVELY AND YOU PICKED A GREAT WEEKEND!!You all look so lovely together. xxxx

  9. Glad you had a great time...hope you are having a lovely week xx

  10. A good time was had by all!!!...time for me to get back to Blighty. You are making me cry and very homesick. Mumma is 83, in good health, but I miss her like mad. Gahh, wahh, I want my


  11. I just love family gatherings, glad you had a marvellous time.

    Love & Hugs

  12. You have inspired me to do my family tree, I must get started soon.

    Beautiful picture of your family!

    Love Lou xxx

  13. Hi Jenny, did you give a donation in our Bloggers Raffle for Cancer Research? If so, you have won a prize! You didn't leave an email address but luckily someone recognised your name and directed me here. Please email me at with your address and I will pass it on to Crystal who has made your prize :)

  14. Oh Jenny, 30 degrees!! You know we tease our lovely Pommie friends when you guys get a warm day, to us that's a Winter's day! Your trip away sounded fabulous, & I bet the decibel levels with all the cousins reached fever pitch.
    Millie ^_^


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