Monday, 31 May 2010


'Cos the postman never calls this many times at any other time of the year!

I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and thought of  these lovely bloggers, (and I need another room to display all the lovely stuff I keep receiving)

First of all thank you to Craftysmiles. Aija did a giveaway and sent me these lovely things for being her 10th follower! How nice is that.

A real treasure chest of goodies

A sweet  little book all about pansies, the pictures are great showing how the pansy has been used both for decoration and medecine over the years. Full of interesting facts and hints of how to use them.

A  little leather purse holding this great pendant necklace ( how did she know half my wardrobe is this colour)

Pretty handmade soap

seeds...and I can eat the flowers and use the leaves for tea!

A lovely fat quarter of fabric...umm I can think of a project about to begin....

And last but not least the ever welcome CK.

Thank you thank you Aija, everything is lovely...............

I then received these from Sals Snippets

I am ashamed to say that I didn't even know I had won this. So how surprised was I to receive an email asking me for my address. I do try to read as many posts as possible but sometimes it's just impossible to keep up!

The beautiful little needlecase pocket is adorned with a pretty corsage and a dainty hat pin (perfect for when I get my 40s hat made)

Tucked inside were these gorgeous fabrics..I wish I had several metres of some of them, they would make superb vintage style dresses.....I need to look at Sals site again!!

And then there was this little scented sachet with the most exquisite embroidery..

Thank you very much Sal I am very lucky to receive such pretty things.

And so to both of you I would like to send these roses, some of natures most beautiful treasures for the treasures you have sent me.

Thank you Aija x

Thank you Sal x

Well as I said in my last post I was off to several CBs this weekend, although the one at Wetherby turned out to be an Antique and collectible the pouring rain....! so I will post some piccies of my finds later in the week.
Enjoy the reast of the weekend, wherever you are

Jenny xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Well if I keep finding all these wonderful goodies every time I go to a car boot, I am going to need to upsize!! (is that a word ?)

Last Sunday in the scorching heat we went to our regular haunt and it was heaving and for once the goods on offer were well worth checking out. I haven't seen so many stalls there for a long time, in fact there were probably more than I have ever seen. There were the usual hundreds..a slight exaggeration.....of stalls selling baby clothes and toys..I know I would have been thankful for them a!! years ago, but this time there were a fair few bordering on vintage/antique stalls. 

Of course we avoided those that were asking antique prices but still found some terrific bargains.

First there was this little card box, not sure if its for whist or bridge! ... but the little tab revolves to show a different card suit  on each it were these..

A complete Lexicon game, definitely one for the cold winter nights in front of the fire...... umm ..after last weeks soaring temperatures this week feels like winter so perhaps it will get used quicker than I thought!

Ok its only a Readers Digest book, but the content and the pictures are great. Was thinking I might copy some onto printable fabric and make some messenger bags.. and now for the really good stuff...

A beautiful decorated jug

A dish for the tea strainer..(only when I'm being posh though, will normally only hold the used tea bag!)...

This darling little creamer which goes beautifully with the teapot I got recently too!

And finally if you have seen my earlier posts you will see I have a great love of Johnsons 'dawn' pottery from the 1940s-50s, although I believe some was still produced up to the 1970s.  I collected the greydawn, which is a beautiful pale blue, then the greendawn, because it went with my kitchen. Now though my tastes have changed just slightly and I'm  a real fan of mixing and matching, rose prints, ice cream colours. spots and stripes and so I decided to start collecting all the 'dawn' colours which are grey, green, gold and rose.  I will probably cull my greydawn a bit as I have about 200 pieces all told.

So you can imagine my delight when I found these...

a goldendawn gravy boat and saucer and the rose one of these....don't they look great together...

So I'm looking forward to a bright and sunny Bank Holiday as we are off to Wetherby race course on Saturday to the CB there, then a local one here Sunday and the big one at Long Bennington near Newark on Monday...see what I mean
Now do I take bags...or that old shopping trolley or....I know the wheelbarrow!!

Back hopefully, with other treasures to share later.Hope you all have a good week and the weekend you are wishing for..


Jenny xx 

Monday, 24 May 2010


Although I do have to admit that like the follow up to a lot of great films its a bit lacking in murder larceny or even plain bigamy, but we enjoyed ourselves just the same.

But before I begin, a great welcome to all my new friends, I do try to visit the blogs of you all but have to admit that I can't physically read all your  posts, but I do have a damn good go!.
I have now posted all my parcels to the giveaway winners and for my Apron swap so hope they arrive safely and that you like what I've sent.......

Big sis and I set off on our little trip to Kent last Tuesday and after a comfortable train journey and free bus travel!.. even in London arrived at our hotel about 3.30pm. We had been in touch with cousins on our dad's side and one of them came to fetch us, took us back to their's for a lovely and most welcome meal and then surprised us by announcing that all our cousins were coming to meet us!  I have only ever met a couple of them and it was great to get to know them a little. Our evening passed so quickly, but I'm sure the neighbours would have been glad of that 'cos the noise must have been quite something.

I do hope they don't mind my including this group picture, I won't name them but I am so thrilled to have met them.

Over the next couple of days, armed with our bus passes we visited all the sites of our mum's early childhood, although the original buildings have long since gone.
We managed to trace granny's grave (mum's mum) and take some flowers, visited our own brother's grave in Strood and obtained lots of useful information to further our search at the Strood archive office.

Lovely pic of Strood with the tide out....

Nothing amazing found so far but a fascinating and well worthwhile trip.......our journey goes on....

As a complete break, although not entirely disconnected, as both our brothers were in the navy, we visited the Chatham Dockyard, and in fact one of our brothers was actually based here.  We only had 3 hours to spare and so saw but a small fraction of the displays. Didn't even get into the museum! However even those with no connection at all would find plenty to amaze and interest them, but it would take a full day to see it all.

The entrance

The three war ships in the dry docks. We went inside the submarine, what an experience that must have been. 69 crew living in little more than cupboards with no baths or showers, for 14 weeks at a time. Talk about cosy. I cannot imagine (or want to) what it would be like!!

PS forget I ever mentioned my sister having any kind of affliction, 'cos I've never seen anyone half her age zip through narrow round hatches like she did. Talk about fearless, she makes you ashamed to ever moan about your lot!

A little interest for the train enthusiasts

A working rope factory where the rope walk is a full quarter of a mile long. They use bicycles to get up and down!

Well we certainly had the weather for our travels, and it has continued right up to today. Sunday the temperature hit 30 degrees here and we went to our local car boot to find the most stalls we have seen for ages. Found some little bargains, but more of that and some piccies later in the week.

I think I have bent your ears for long enough tonight, especially as you have had a rest from my ramblings and so are not quite up to them again.
I will therefore say good night and go and have myself a little read of your blogs, envy your bargains and gasp at your talent before I finally turn in.

Jenny xx

Monday, 17 May 2010


The draw for the giveaway was made with due ceremony by the gorgeous young Alfie.( aged 3).......and the first name out of the hat, sorry pudding bowl was...............

The lovely........TED AND BUNNY....Congratulations. There were 60 entries and some lovely comments.

And as there were so many I have decided that there should be a reserve..........and that is.....

FIONA of  tizduster

I am sorry for those that didn't win, but I will be having another one idc.

To the winners I am sorry I  won't be able to post your goodies until a week today as I am off to Kent tomorrow tracking down my ancestors again. I have left messages on both your blogs to let me have your details by the time I return at the weekend so I can get your parcels sent off.

Thank you again everyone for your enthusiasm

back at the weekend

Jenny XX


Here at Winnibrggs House its been a really pleasant though pretty ordinary weekend. The sun shone, the jobs got done, evenings spent doing a little I thought perhaps you would like to take a stroll with me around my small but nicely formed little haven....

So grab your glass, or coffee and take a stroll with me..Outside the kitchen door is a little part paved and part gravelled area where we have a few pots. When we first moved here the whole area was solid concrete, grey and drab and so we have done what we can to lighten it up. A bit difficult when the concrete was about a foot thick!!

Scrummy blueberries, the flowers just setting. Hopefully there'll be enough for Joanne Harris' French blueberry tart later on in the season

My beautiful Solanum (potato vine) at least it was until my DH pruned (butchered) it!!!!!
The canopy used to spread across to the kitchen door and it was a mass of small purple flowers from April until October.  OK twice it has become so heavy it has come down from the wall but a little trim would have sufficed. I think even he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw all these new shoots, but I don't think it will be its best this year.....

DH's latest idea to use some copper pipe to grow trailing plants around the pond. He seems to be catching this 'make do and mend' idea!

Yet more ways of breaking up (quite literally) the horrid concrete....even get my patchwork out here...and not a sewing machine in site!

Through the first arch, our small attempt to 'grow your own'....peas, parsnips, lettuce, beetroot... tomatoes and nasturtiums in the hanging baskets..

Runner beans..not so far on this year..!

Gooseberries forming nicely

Rhubarb, ready to cut this year, yummy crumble and custard...can't wait

Then through the gate on to the bridge over the pond....

in past the second gate (grandchild security with pond) and onto the small lawned area..pots of strawberries just coming into flower

borders of small shrubs

The lovely montana grown to cover the sadly demised cherry tree!..from this

to a week such beautiful flowers

stepping stones for hanging the washing out when the dew is still wet..

Hanging baskets newly planted, I hope those frosts are gone.....

and so to the back gate.... before we slowly stroll back again...

Well I dont know about you but I'm ready for a fill up now..... was that red or white...................!!

Hope you enjoyed our little amble..until next time ..when I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway
Jenny xx