Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Where are they?.......

Navy or Natural sandals.

Sandals that make my feet feel as though they are floating on air.........

Sandals that look deliciously feminine but edgy.......

Sandals that don't make me look like some ageing hippy......

All images from Google images (sorry unable to trace original sources)

OK, OK... If I want to pay £300 for something that is going to be ruined by sand sea or our unstable weather, I'm sure I could take my pick. But for the life of me I cannot understand how sandals, having perhaps a quarter of the amount of leather in them than normal winter shoes can cost almost twice as much!

I have been trawling the Internet for weeks trying to find a pair that will suit my style, my budget and fit into my holiday wardrobe. I don't want to take a pair for every outfit! I would like some that would mix and match. I do love colour, but just sometimes neutral is better.

In the end I found these.....from Pavers

Not exactly what I was looking for, but they will do the job.(Note to self...better get those nails manicured before the summer!)

Do you have nightmares trying to find something specific for your wardrobe, or is it just me!!

Have a great week
Jenny xx


  1. It can be so frustrating, I'm sure when I decide to buy something that someone goes and removes them all from the shelves!! It looks like you found a comfy, nice pair though xx

    1. Well keeping my fingers crossed. Have worn them around the house so far and they do seem pretty good.

  2. Comfort is my main concern. Even if you try sandals on in the shop, the only way to find out whether they're comfy is to road test them. I have pairs that I love the look of, but can't wear to walk in!

  3. Oh me too, especially at my age, but I'm still vain enough to want them to look good too!

  4. I think you're right when it comes to footwear, as you need them to go with so many different outfits, neutral is best and you've picked a nice style too.
    Lisa x

  5. This rang so true with me, I always end up gravitating towards the most expensive things in the shop and find buying on any kind of a budget - and mine is usually quite tight - almost impossible.

    1. Oh yes. If money (or sense) were no object then I am sure my task would have been simple!

  6. Last year I chanced upon a JDWilliams ad in a Sunday supplement advertising special offer sandals. Leather uppers, cushioned inners. They are a dream so I ordered another pair in a different colour so now I'm sorted for years to come, hopefully!
    £12 a pair. Check them out!
    I do love your's too.
    Jo x


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