Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A simple piece of plastic.......

It doesn't happen often but just occasionally I come across something that I wonder how I ever managed without.
A simple piece of plastic has transformed some of the pieces in my wardrobe from 'that never feels quite right' to ' ooh I had forgotten how lovely that is.'
And what is this remarkable gadget, nothing but a simple piece of plastic to sew inside your garments to clip onto bra straps and prevent straps sliding down arms, tops slipping off shoulders and generally making your slightly 'wayward' clothes stay in place.

Genius and reasonably priced. Get them from here

Jenny xx

NB I'm not sponsored to make any recommendations on my blog, I just like to share anything I find particularly helpful.


  1. Thank your so much for this link. I've been looking for these for ages now.

  2. How clever! Thank you for sharing Jenny :)


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