Thursday, 10 April 2014

Jack of all Trades.....

...but master of none as the old saying goes!!.................

Well look at me two posts in a week, better go steady here lol!

Since I gave up sewing for others I feel I have become a bit of a butterfly crafter, flitting from this to that. Oh sewing will always be my first love, and I have finished off a few WIPs in the dressmaking department in the last few months, but every now and then I feel I want to try something else.

Do you do these craft programs and think I'd like to try that.

Well my heading sums it up really. A bit of a knitter, a dabble at crochet and now a very amateur beader!  The latter I might add has come about because I am too mean to pay twice the cost of a beautiful bracelet bought me for my retirement to have it made smaller.

Well I've already shown my recent attempts at knitting again ......

I'm pleased to report I am now on the final sleeve so it may still fit my grandson when its done.(And of course there's always his little brother if it takes me too long he he! )

The crochet which my mum taught me over 50 years ago has been revived after being bought this English translation of a Japanese book by my lovely daughter...( Er. she bought it I mean, she didn't write it!!)

so I rifled around my studio and found all these odd balls of wool in a mix of bright and more subdued colours and decided this would be a great project to pick up and do a few motifs when I didn't have lots of time.

This is where the 'master of none' bit comes in....There are no real written instructions, just graphs. However the clue is in the title of the throw 'Honeycomb Afghan'. Honeycomb....hexagon....

Spot the mistake.........even my seven year old grandson knew these were pentagons!!!
However I have done too many now to give them up so will run with it and maybe do the 'proper' one sometime in the future. I have to say I do love the book and there are several other projects I would like to try...If I can read the diagrams properly this time.

And finally the beading. This has been relatively successful in that I have repaired several of my necklaces broken by tiny inquisitive fingers, and those just trying to find something to hang onto! I haven't yet plucked up the courage to tackle the bracelet

(excuse the shocking photo the light was very bad. It is a lovely chartreuse colour really)

But I have made a new coral coloured necklace and a pretty bracelet and my crimping skills are improving!....

So there you have it. Things I am loving having a go at even though I know they are not perfect. I think I would like to take some classes one day just to see if I can conquer the techniques, but then again I'm pretty happy with what I have achieved and at the end of the day that's all that really matters!

. Have a good and productive week whatever you are doing. Mine has so far involved Lego engineering, baking, Wii, pushing swings and buying ice cream and pretty much similar next week.Bored I will certainly not be!!

Jenny xx


  1. I love the colours you have used for the pentagons, so cheerful!

    1. Thank you. Yes wrong shape they may be but I think they will look lovely together.

  2. Never mind they are the wrong shape, they are created by you and that's better than never having a go in the first place!
    Love the new bracelet, stunning colour.
    Enjoy your active week next week!
    Lisa x

    1. Thanks Lisa. If the sun shines on us again next week as it has done today there will be one worn out nanny and two happy little boys!

  3. I've done so much crochet lately I've got tendonitis in my wrist! :(

    1. Oh no! That is so painful. Both my children who are very artistic suffer with it occasionally and all they can do is rest. Touch wood I never stick at that sort of thing long enough in one go to get to that stage. Hope you soon recover.xx

  4. I like the pentagons. I still haven't mastered crochet :(

    1. Well I sometimes wonder with all my mistakes if I can say I have truly mastered it, but I kinda get there in the end.

  5. Love the beady bits ... something I've been meaning to try :)


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