Monday, 31 March 2014

Sunshine and smiles....

We'll I don't know about you, but it doesn't take much of the yellow orb to lift my spirits and as I seem to be rapidly on the mend now all the more reason to smile! Thank you so much to all who have sent their good wishes, they seem to have worked. X
You can tell how much better I am 'cos my house has finally had a good clean and so I don't feel guilty about closeting myself away in my sewing room. My biggest problem though was what to start first. I do have several WIPs but somehow they were not calling to me.
Instead with my Cornish holiday looming closer I decided to make myself one or two things that conjure up sunny skies, endless beaches and balmy evenings. (I know this is England and it's not yet April, but a girl can dream!)
Well I started with this,a bit more practical.....

 a top that I love. Light weight but heavy enough to drape well. I bought this stripe fabric of a similar weight from the Harrogate knitting and Stitching show last November and thought it would be ideal. Of course I bought it intending to only make a short sleeved top, so there was a fair bit of manipulation needed to get this one out of only one metre., but I made me a pattern and it worked and I'm quite pleased with the result.

I have also finished a lined tunic from a free pattern I printed out from Angela Kane. Have you heard of her? If you love sewing clothes you should take a look. She also has on line videos showing step by step instructions and although I am not a beginner I found quite a few useful tips. I am considering signing up as a full member now which gives you access to all her patterns. Most are classic styles but as a base for anyone with a bit of flair they could be about all you would need to make most things in your wardrobe.
Finally I have purchased the Parfait dress pattern from Collette patterns.  Have seen this made up recently here and was pretty impressed. This lady is a phenomenal sewer, I would never reach her standard in a million years! Only problem now is deciding from my tons (I jest not) of fabric what I am going to make it from. Spots, stripes, florals or perhaps that Cornish boating scene...or is that a nautical step too far? ( BTW for decency sake mine will be considerably longer. I have no intentions of frightening the poor Cornish folk with too much wrinkled white leg!!)
Well I think that's about it for now except that I have also cut out a jersey dress just like this one but in lime green to practise using my new acquisition which just happened to call to me at the knitting and Sewing show at the NEC. I mean it was my first real outing since this bug bit and I did need cheering up! And just think of all the money it will save me now I can whip up even more clothes.......

Have a good week
Jenny xx


  1. Pleased to read that you are sunny, smiling and making again, after your bug. Love your top... very stylish!
    Keep smiling!
    Jo x

  2. I love both tops, well done, but my favourite is the black and white stripes You're very talented!

  3. Thanks for calling by already and for your kind comments.
    Well done your with the sewing projects...I love them. :-)
    Annie x # 1

  4. The striped top is fab. And really suits you.
    Lisa x

  5. Glad you're feeling sunny and better - you certainly look it in those tops. I love them both! xCathy

  6. Pleased to hear you are feeling better and yes we do need some more sunshine. What a grey Sunday!

  7. Oh yes...sunshine always lifts ones spirits! It has been lovely here too. Your tops are so lovely...if only I could really do inspire me. xo

  8. Happy to hear you're feeling better:) Love your stripped blouse!


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