Wednesday, 13 July 2011

ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE..............

Well I did say things had 'almost' returned to normal, and so as you can guess that meant it was going to be anything but.......

However it has mostly been for good reasons like our DD's 40th birthday celebration,

From this........with daddy

To this....with big brother......

 Where does the time go beautiful girl..........

We've had visits by workmen for some renovations we're doing and, not so good, a battle (which I am pleased to say I won) with a pair of roman blinds for my son and daughter in law.....

Just a piece of friendly advise, don't ever try to sew the Velcro on the top of a 7'9" blind once the carbon poles are inserted.......a picture of me sat on my sewing room floor with my sewing machine trying to feed this through while working the foot pedal with my hand and shuffling backwards and forwards so as not to catch the poles on the walls must surely be enough of a deterrent!!!.....

Having said that, if you are making a reasonably sensible sized blind and want some tips how to make a really professional job, just check out these videos,
I have done some in the past but have to say these instructions and the template you can find on Terrell Sundermanns own site, which not only tells you what size to cut your fabric, but also what other accessories you will need to complete your task, just by inputting the width and depth of the finished blind are amazing!

 Ta Da.........

Only 2 more pairs of full length curtains and another blind to go........

 And finally I have been making headbands for my Etsy and Folksy shops and managed to find a willing victim
model for them this time....
How cute is my great niece.......

OK, so next time I really will share the delicious cheesecake recipe with you........that is of course unless something else gets in the way!.........

Jenny xx


  1. You do indeed have a beautiful daughter and an equally beautiful model for your headbands too!

    I don't envy your work on the blinds - but they definitely look worth it, well done!

  2. Oh how cute is your Great-Niece?!! Adorable - and I perked up at the mention of cheesecake recipe!! Looking forward to that one!

  3. I had to chuckle about the Velcro sewing with the poles in - I once did that too! Definitely not to be recommended! Your great-niece looks so sweet (the headbands look great) and your daughter far younger than you say!

  4. 40! My gosh, your DD looks so young, I would have guessed she was in her 20s. Must be good genes :-)

  5. Aww, your model is so cute! The headbands look fantastic too. Happy birthday to your daughter (and she definitely doesn't look as old as you said!). :) x

  6. Lovely headbands - and what a sweetie your great neice is! Hope your daughter had a super birthday.

  7. A super cute model!
    Lisa x

  8. *a-hem* Would just like to say that I LOVE your followers Mum!! Thanks for such a lovely post about my birthday and yes, sadly I did turn 40 *sob* Definitely good genes in our family!(and a super talented, wonderful Mum) xxx


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