Friday, 29 July 2011


When I married my darling 'boy' 44 years ago, I was a love struck teenager with a very handsome bloke! (mind he's wearing very well and doesn't show his age even now!) I knew he was pretty handy at practical stuff the way he could strip a motor bike or lawn mower down and actually not have any bits left when he put it back together!.
He was also a great sportsman, football, darts, snooker then later cricket and seemed to excel in everything he did. He once bowled a whole cricket team out (though they only had 10 men that day) for about 26 runs, so they mounted the cricket ball for him and presented it to him at one of their cricket dinners.
Well over the years he has moved electrics, plumbed in sinks fixed just about everything that has broken and made kids toys from garages, to cranes to dolls houses.
So what does a woman do when her DD leaves home and is short of a table...of course you give them yours and say...but your dad will soon make me another one!!!

And so he did.......

and its perfect.....

Ummm!! now that corner could do with a cupboard....perhaps I better wait a bit before I put in my next order.....

Have a great weekend, we are off to a country fair on Sunday so hope to pick up a few bargains and have lots of piccies to show.

Jenny xx


  1. Would you consider bigamy because I really want a table like that made for me...

  2. That guy is a keeper for sure! My guy is not a handyman at all but he is brilliant at the ironing! I haven't ironed for 16 years! We are lucky aren't we?!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  3. That's a gorgeous table! What a clever husband yours is (I think mine came from the same mould actually, except for the cricket bit, his love being rugby!) And I love your Union Flag rug...

  4. Can I borrow him? mine has to think about things for couple of years and buy a book on it, and talk about it then pay someone else to do it.

  5. The man's a genius Jenny! Your table is absolutely perfect! Can I borrow him? xxxx

  6. How good it is to have a handyman husband - I can't imagine having one who had to "get a man in" for every last little thing but even mine couldn't make a table like that though I know a man who can luckily! (No he is just a friend nothing more and what's more his wife is a friend too!!)

  7. oh wow Jenny!I'm speechless!

  8. Wow, thats one great table. You are right, very talented.

  9. What a handy chap - great table.

  10. Wow ! I`m impressed - love that table and I hope you find lots of lovely bargains this weekend ,have fun .

  11. What an amazing OH, does he dye his hair? lol... lucky you :) The table looks amazing and I love the rug it's standing on :)
    Sue Xxx

  12. What a clever chap he is! The table is perfect!
    My dad could turn his hand to anything, goodness me I miss his talents!
    Lisa x

  13. My word - can he make me one?

    And I love your rug!

  14. Hi Jenny,

    What a sweet mother you are and great husband you have!! The table looks wonderful!

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  15. I love it!!!! good work!!!! hugs

  16. Amazing how the set looks now! I love it, and how perfect is home-made?!

    Have a happy weekend,
    love Maaike

  17. "Amazing how the set looks now! I love it, and how perfect is home-made?!" agreed in full here. :)

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