Saturday, 23 July 2011


Last year, still I think it was last fact I hope it was last year, otherwise time is flying past far too quickly, we tidied up the outside of my beloved summer house 'My Retreat', by giving it a fresh coat of wood stain. I said at the time that we would be having a great sort out inside, since it had become a bit of a dumping ground, but because of the dismal summer we didn't happen and the poor wee house got fuller and fuller with 'stuff'!

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We didn't quite get to danger point but lets say we couldn't get over the threshold.....

Well it was all the window mans fault really........ no not the rubbish, but the sudden burst of DIY activity!!
We are about to have some windows replaced at the back of the house, and the only way to bring them into the garden is by the back gate. Well that means they have to be carried across the rickety, rackety bridge over the pond.  Now it wasn't so much a troll we were scared of as being sued when the workmen disappeared into the 5 foot of water (apart from the fact that they might damage our nice new windows too!),  so first job tackled was a new bridge....with super lighting no less.....(a birthday present to DH yonks ago carefully stored in his shed)........

......... and so it has continued one job completed after another.....................
and that's how the poor neglected summer house finally got its makeover completed  I am pleased to say it has been returned to its cosy best and looks loved and cared for...and whats more is back in use...yeah!

First we emptied out everything onto the lawn......

Then a fresh coat of emulsion.....

and voila order is restored.....

We even broke out the barby to celebrate......

and of course you know what happens once you start ........

we get carried away........

Ta da ............our new I wonder whats next!.............

Watch this space 'cos of course once the windows are done.........
the new sewing room needs cupboards ripping out and laminate floor laying....
the bathroom needs replastering......
the back room needs a new ceiling and replastering....
the dining room needs a new wood stove for the winter.....

Looks like we are not going to get bored sometime soon....
I think I need a drink after that and a lay down

Have a good weekend
Jenny xx


  1. Your summer house looks so lovely - the perfect combination of useful storage and prettiness! Hope you get some nice sunny days in which to laze around in the garden and summer house!

  2. so pleased to see that bunting back on your header, it cheers me every time I pop over!

  3. Everything looks great. We've just had a mammoth decorating done here so my next job is going through the house tidying up and clearing out! Hope the windows all fit - we had some that didn't at our last house!

  4. Looks great, they are a wonderful retreat aren't they. I love mine.

  5. Hope the sun shines for you to enjoy your refurbished garden and summerhouse, Lucey x

  6. Looking good! What a wonderful place to retreat in. Isabelle x

  7. Your summer house looks wonderful!
    I have that simplicity pattern in a size 12, if you would like me to trace it just let me know, i think it has been discontinued x

  8. The summer house is looking wonderful. Good luck with the rest of the jobs, there's always something that needs fixing or painting!
    Lisa x

  9. Love the summer house, it looks much loved now! the bunting inside and out is fab :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. Your summer house looks totally lovely, just need the summer now!! xx

  11. Love your space, very creative and quite adorable!

  12. Jenny it looks grand! I want to steal it & transport it to the Colonies. Lovely to hear from you my friend.
    Millie x

  13. Gosh it looks wonderful. What a great place to escape! :)

  14. wish I had a summer house.....just gorgeous!!

  15. I have a very handy man... however the deliberating and planning stage is very annoying ..... he can turn his hand to pretty much anything ... fix cars, plumb, do electrics, woodwork ... he just loves to add issues and problems and then revel in solving them! lol

    your new make overs look fabulous... and a wood burner too... how lovely will that be! ;D



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