Monday, 27 June 2011


Well I have really enjoyed being a needed mum, doting nanny, head chef and laundrymaid, but it is quite exhausting and so kinda nice to return to something like normality.

It means I can get some sewing done, start on the house projects and catch up with all the lovely bloggers who bother to read this stuff and not only that send me some great (and often very witty) comments. I am sorry that I have not answered many individually of late, but I do read them all and hope that I will return to my good habits again very soon. (Only regarding replies you understand...I can't be good all the time!!)

I was intending to share some delicious recipes with you today, but on Saturday I received  my parcel in Lucey's Button Swap from Jenny at the Red House
I couldn't therefore let it pass without showing it to you, so the receipes will wait.

What a terrific haul, Thank you so much Jenny, I love it all and the buttons will come in very handy.  I can't believe that you also included a fridge magnet from Becky at Dots and Spots as well. I already have one which my daughter bought me and I do love her work.
Jenny has been struggling with her arm, having had surgery and it seems a great deal of pain, so I am doubly grateful that she went ahead and completed the swap.
Thank you again.

I will be back later in the week to share those receipes including a wicked be prepared to forget your diets......

Jenny xx

PS I would like to introduce you all to a new blogger who I am sure will keep you in stitches, but no doubt show me up for the boring old wrinkly I am. She has not written her first post yet, so I am waiting with baited breath. Find her at No words but some lovely pictures!!


  1. Oh, how wonderful to be needed! I was beginning to wonder where you had disappeared to, now I know why.... What a lovely swap, some beautiful items, I can't wait for a wicked cheesecake :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. What a fabulous parcel of goodies!

    Victoria xx

  3. Love your new blog design, the swap present is fantastic, you did really well :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Hello dear. How lucky you are to be needed and be needed for all the right and happy reasons too! You have some beautiful swap items too XXX

  5. oooo the package looks fab!!

  6. A button swap and I missed it! Let me know next time you do one of those xx

  7. Hi Jenny!
    Your son Wayne just sent me the link to your blog! I work with him at Interflora and he saw my wedding blog so he thought to give me your details!
    Your blog is fantastic! My mum is a dressmaker but I never managed to learn from her! I've just put your blog in my favourites...maybe you'd like to write a guest post on your wedding creations for our blog?
    Let me know


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