Monday, 4 October 2010


Well believe me when I say he didn't get a look in this weekend!!......

My plan was to make the green tomato chutney and start on some slipper orders.....Well thats what I did but somehow I seem to have got a bit carried away...not that I'm complaining as next week I will probably achieve nothing....

First of all the chutney, 9 one pound jars stored away for Christmas. The recipe from this book....

was so easy and the instructions very clear. It smells lovely and I cant wait to see how it matures.

Then I decided to do a bit of sewing for myself. I purchased these patterns the other week,

I started with this......

with the intention of  using up some of my stash of fabric. As I havn't made any of them before I didn't want to use my best fabric, but as two of them are knits making a muslin first was not an option. Any way for the top I found a remnant of a boucle type knit I once made DD a top out of and as is usual I am rather pleased with the result, but no doubt when I use a fabric that's a bit more pricey it won't go as well
I did make a few adjustments though.  I made the top 4 inches shorter and the neck band only half the width it was supposed to be.My fabric was quite bulky and I thought any more would have been too much.
I bet on some of you younger folk the original length worn over a top, with a belt and some contrasting tights would look pretty good and certainly keep you snug when the weather really turns.

I then started on the cashmere coat I mentioned in a previous post, but not the style I had intended at all.  I found this, unlined coat pattern which I really like...

Much less formal and a perfect solution for weekends away.  I will line mine as I am not keen on unlined coats. It is all cut out now so I'll show you my progress soon.
The dress pattern will have to wait until I find some knit fabric that inspires me as believe it or not there was nothing suitable in my stash...mind you most of it is linen and cotton so it's not so surprising.

Finally I made some of these....

for Emma at Land of Emma for her Christmas stall to raise money for 'Help for Heros'.  If you have any thing hand made that you would care to donate and get to her by November 10th, I am sure she will be more than grateful.

Well thats about it really, apart from having a rant about blogger!!!!! what is going on????
I have been trying on and off to do this post and upload photos since 4pm.  I have never had this problem before they changed things.  I always make my photos smaller in photoshop so that they do upload quicker, but it's taking so long now I seriously considered packing it in today and just reading everyone elses!!!!

Anyone else having this problem or is it just me and my machine!

Off to have a very stiff drink....or two now....

Jenny xx ( Oh those extra grey hairs!!!)


  1. I'm glad you reminded me about green tomato chutney, I'd better save those green tomatos in our garden before they rot. Love the black top you've made and looking forward to seeing the coat. The pattern is to die for. Enjoy your stiff drinks you deserve them!

  2. You have been very busy! The top looks great and the hearts too, there perfect for the Help the Heroes cause.
    I too am getting annoyed with the new photo uploder for blogger. It's not as simple now and I can't go back to the pictures after adding it to the blog, anyway, I hope they change it back to the old version. SO much simpler!

    :) x

  3. A very busy lady :) Hope your chutney turns out well - I make some each year & I think its great.

    Blogger pic loading is being a pain for everyone - think it took over 1/2 an hour to load the 8 pics I put on my last post. I just set them to upload and wandered off to wash up!!

  4. Wow! You sure have been a very busy bee...
    Everything looks great!
    I love the hearts too... what a lovely thought!
    Anyway... Thank goodness that its just not me having trouble with blogger!
    I really thought that it was only me having this problem!
    Hope they will change it back to how it used to be... VERY SOON!


  5. You've been very busy again. Love the hearts for Help the Heroes ... such a good cause.
    I had awful problems last week with the new photo system ... I thought I'd have to stop blogging at one point. In the end I fiddled round and removed all the 'cookies' on my laptop and it seems to be working OK now. Still not as easy as the old sysytem though.
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Thank you ladies, at least I can rest assured it isnt just me. Hope it gets sorted soon though. What a pain!

  7. the new blogger reminds me of the old days, trying to do eBay on narrowband- upload something and then go do the washing-up, vacuum the car, change your hair colour, read War & Peace...and come back when its arrived!

  8. Could you make that top for me? It is just what I need for the winter. Maybe a little longer? I'll email you this evening. Fiona. and as for the uploading it's not just blogger I have that problem with typepad sometimes.

  9. Lovely lovely lovely things. The coat looks intersting - might have to have a go! I love making chutneys, but the kids complain as it makes the house stink!.

  10. Yes, Jenny, I've been having terrible trouble with uploading photos in blogger - like you I nearly gave up.
    Great patterns, can't wait to see what else you make from them.

  11. I've been preserving too today!

    Looking forward to seeing your completed coat.


  12. Those hearts are lovely and I adore the packaging! The top looks just the thing for these cooler days : (

    Just want to add that I have been having a frustrating time uploading photos - I thought it was just because I'm new to the game! The only way I seem to have any success is if I put them into a Picasa Web Album first and load them from there. Is anyone NOT having problems I wonder?

  13. I've found blogger a bit weird today too but that was with trying to leave comments. I do like your patterns, especdially that coat - very fluid, just how I like things, hope it's turning out well. And the hearts are lovely. I haven't had any idle hands either over the last few days but still haven't managed chutney! xx

  14. you have been busy, lovely makes. xxx

  15. What a busy bee you are, love the top you made and those red felt hearts are so "christmassy" love them, Lucey xx

  16. I love your blog and have sent you the Versatile Blogger Award. Looking forward to reading your answers. A button and instructions are on my blog xxx

  17. first of all lovely jenny- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! x

    & secondly i love that coat pattern and your christmas hearts AND the little card they are attache are sooo creative!!

    & thirdly...i too, have had mad days with 8blogger* lately!!!!!
    a drink or two has been my remedy sweet, i can tell you!!
    what is going on???

    anyway i should comment more as i am always popping past- i blame it on the 3 kiddos- purely as they are not here to defend themselves tee hee!!

    melissa xx

  18. Oh those are such sweet Christmas hearts!

    A happy happy birthday to YOU!

  19. Ahhh... your sewing work looks great! Love your little red hearts! Good luck with your other sewing plans!

  20. I love the help for heroes hearts. Their presentaion card's lovely too. I also like the new blog photo at the top, and the setence underneath made me smile x

  21. Thanks for the tip on the cake stands. I'm sure I'll go through a stack of broken plates before I get it right, but practice makes perfect apparently x

  22. Blogger is driving me crazy too. I sure do hope they get things sorted soon.

    I love those gorgeous Christmas decorations. You have been so busy and productive this week! What a talented person you are! Your birthday week has obviously been a fabulous one for you!

    Best wishes always,

  23. Oh I love that sweater, I think you made a great choice to change plans!

  24. I love your top and hearts as well. You have been very busy. I hope you post pictures of your coat when its finished. Have fun with the chutney.

  25. While annoying, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has days of woe with Blogger! Sometimes it drives me mad.

    loving your blog! Must make a note of it so I can visit. Love all of the goodies you make.

    Thank you for your kind comment. Nothing wrong with just a pumpkin and soup! I wouldn't bother if it wasn't for my little bundle of trouble. For some reason she loves Halloween. I don't really care for it myself, though the husband and I have always carved pumpkins. When I met him he said he'd never carved a pumpkin in his life, so we had to amend that. :O)

    Time I was off. Have a lovely start to the week

    Sadie x

  26. I love what you made!!! Amazing.
    I have had problems as well with uploading pictures but it's solved now. Hopefully for you as well.
    Have a great new week Jenny


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