Wednesday, 13 October 2010


No not the sparkly sort.....

...the ones that make you really appreciate your lot.....A beautiful afternoon spent with good company (DH and grandson) enjoying the marvellous scenery and mother natures treasures.....

Rutland water...

...people messing about in boats....

....exploring the woodland paths... and boy in perfect harmony...

...then the spoils of an unexpected car boot sale....still carrying on until the weather breaks.....

Ok so its only repro..but it will look great in my kitchen....

...............and the best find of all.........

I already have one of these but without the box, and I have to say that it is the box which appeals to me the most...I just love the illustrations, It will look great in my sewing room!  I think I might have to take the other one to a little antique and collectors fair that my SIL and I are doing at Lincoln showground in December..

Well lets hope the rest of the month proves as pleasurable as these first few days. We are off to Gloucester at the weekend. Never been before so hoping for a good rummage.
The new coat is almost finished so should be able to give you a peek in a day or two, hoping to take it with me, so I'd better get it done!!

Finally I have been very honoured to be passed the 'versatile blogger' award by Amy at Blighty Boutique.

I am very flattered but I am supposed to tell you seven interesting facts about me........well I will be honest and say I did this once before and can't for the life of me think of anything else at the moment, so I am going to think about this a bit longer.  I should also pass it on to 5 other lovely bloggers, but there are so many of you that deserve it far more than me that I hate to leave anyone out, so am not going to do this either.
I do hope Amy will forgive me and still read my blog!

Well that really is all for now, its getting very late again..

Jenny xx


  1. Those woods look absolutely perfect for a day of exploring, you could even find a Wild Thing or two.

  2. I love this time of year too. So much to enjoy and the colours are amazing. Have a good time away x

  3. 7.30 in the misty yesterday morning I rode Bruce across the fields to the top of a hill where there's 2 Bronze Age barrows (they certainly knew to choose an honourable spot) and a wraparound view of the countryside.
    We stood in the early morning sunshine listening to the skylarks and soaking up the moment. I can't begin to describe how beautiful it was.

    I had one of those sewing machines when I was little- my goodness look what its responsible for all these years later!

    hope you're having a good week xx

  4. Lovely photos - looks like a super time was spent and worth far more than sparkly "real" gems! Your little sewing machine is lovely - I seem to remember those from way back! Congrats on being a versatile blogger too!


  5. The sewing machine is wonderful.
    I have been trying to find a proper sized red sewing machine for a while now, as yet no luck. Have a lovely weekend away...Em xxx

  6. Lovely photos and what a find!! I used to have one of those when I was little. xxx

  7. O h that sewing machine! Be still my beating heart! Gorgeous photos Jenny! Autumn is the most beautiful of seasons isn't it? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. I used to have one of those as well! Have a lovely weekend.

  9. I do like the LA sign you found at the car boot.
    Enjoy your trip away.
    Lisa x

  10. what a lovely walk and great finds!

  11. What a cute little sewing machine, love it.

  12. Lovely photos. We went to Rutland Water earlier this year - tis gorgeous. Beautiful sewing machine - lucky you!

  13. Beautiful pictures and great finds, love the sewing machine :) x

  14. That little sewing machine is just adorable! No wonder you snatched it up :)

  15. Lovely photos!!!
    And wow! the sewing machine is fab!!!

  16. Oh that dear little sewing machine! How absolutely gorgeous! Rutland water looks truly lovely in your photos.

  17. Dear Jenny,
    I have made a translator widget on the right bar.
    Please See if that helps.
    Tell me please briefly. I'm at the computer working not so good, sorry :o)

    Ps: your blog is sooo beautiful!!

  18. How beautiful!
    Many thanks for your help!
    This is great!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Now even my English speaking friends read my blog posts :o))))

  19. What a wonderful day spent with your husband and grandson, Jenny. Those are the things in life that really matter. :)
    That sewing machine is a little gem. It's like looking into a time capsule for the 1940/50s.
    Have a wonderful week!
    ~ Jo :)


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