Thursday, 21 October 2010


You know how it is when you build yourself up to something and then the reality doesn't quite hit the spot....
well our arrival in Gloucester last Saturday was a bit like that...

To start with we were only stopping at a Premier Inn, not a place I had stayed in before...I know I have been a bit spoiled, but I have had to wait until my retirement to sample some of these lovely old hotels....anyway....

I was pleasantly surprised, the room was clean, not over big but adequate, the bed very comfortable and the staff delightful! far so good..

We drove into the city to take our first look around and that was when we were a little disappointed....dusty grubby streets, shops closed...altogether a bit drab and absolutely not what we had pictured....and then we rounded a corner and found ourselves here.....

Gloucester Cathedral, what a stunning building.....and from here things only got better....

stunning architecture.......such a shame that those 'To let' signs are everywhere you visit now !.......

 unfortunately the Tailor wasn't in.....

A little gem ........

and the stunning dockside area where we found our first Antique shop....Its hard to believe looking at that sky that these pictures were taken within minutes of each other!.....

After a short stop for tea and cake we returned to our hotel with instructions on how to find the new shopping area in which there was another Antique Centre.....

On Sunday we found ourselves at Cheltenham not to back the gee gees, but to see what bargains we could find at the large car boot sale.....and bargains we did find, including some of the Masons Pink Vista I collect and a couple of pieces of Johnsons Goldendawn. 
We left here to go back into Gloucester only to find yet another CB, but after a brief tour we finally set off to find the second Antique Centre we had been told about.
This was on several floors with units filled with all kinds of treasures. We all found something to our liking here including DH so it was a very successful visit.
.......But the most amazing thing is that back at home on Monday evening I settled down to catch up with all you lovely bloggers when I spotted a post by Jayne at Country Cottage Chic showing some new things she had just put into her shop. One of these was a tin in the shape of an old cotton reel, and I knew it was one which I had picked up and almost bought on Sunday. I commented on Jayne's blog about it and explained that it had lost out to a piece of Johnsons Greydawn, and would you believe that was one of her items as well. talk about small world.
Well if you are in Gloucester and enjoy Antiques and Collectibles you must visit the Gloucester Antiques Centre at the Gloucester Quays, it is well worth a visit!

Well Monday found us heading for home, but we decided to check out Cheltenham and Tewkesbury while in the area and we were quite impressed. Cheltenham reminded me a bit of Bath, mostly the architecture...

and Tewkesbury very similar to Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire..........

only small but filled with tiny Antique shops, cafes and boutiques as well as Tewkesbury photo I am afraid as my camera battery failed, but another place worth a visit.

Well that was a bit of a marathon, if you're still here and not asleep, I am impressed and I apologise for the initial negative vibes about Gloucester and happy to say my first impression on this occasion was wrong.

Off now to read a few chapters before I turn in so.....


Jenny xx


  1. Hi Jenny, loved reading this post. Been to Gloucester, many years ago now, but have never been to Cheltenham or Tewksbury. Great pics.

    Fab new header btw!

  2. It sounds like you had a fabulous time after getting off to an unsure start and I am happy for that. Your photos are stunning...I would love to see the cathedral in person one day!


  3. You are not the first person I have come across who says Gloucester is shabby and down at heel - sad as it used to be a lovely city back in the 50s when we lived in the Forest of Dean. Glad that first impressins were soon overcome though and it sounds as though you had a good time overall. I must visit sometime and see for myself.


    PS Love the new layout and header

  4. Hi Jenny - as a Cheltenham girl born & bred, I would say your comments are more than fair. There is often a lot of negativity about Gloucester (some of which is deserved), but I am glad that you managed to find some little gems - a lot has happened within the last few years to really improve the place. It's great that you went to places which are so different from one another & I count myself very lucky that I live in such a beautiful part of the country! Well done on the CB finds - the racecourse is a regular haunt of mine! Steph x

  5. Love the new photo! Now I have shelf envy instead of summerhouse envy - lol! I'm glad that your trip improved. I too love architecture but it's a bit lost on the rest of my household...xx

  6. Hello Jenny! NIce to meet you!
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog, your comment made me *blush*!
    I wish I'd have had more time for visiting your beautiful country..but I'll be back one day, I'm pretty sure :)
    Your display of utility china looks amazing!
    Have a good weekend
    Michela x

  7. We visited Gloucester and Cheltenham a few years back. I would have loved to have seen the docks when they were in full swing. We often stay in Premier Inns - the only place that all 4 of us can share a room that we can afford! and they have always been spotlessly clean and confortable. xxx

  8. Glad you had a good time - we go to the car boot at Cheltenham quite a lot - you can pick up some great bargains there. Haven't been to the Docks since they've done it, but must do soon! x

  9. Central Gloucester is a bit sad, I'm afraid but the Cathedral and the new docks area certainly compensates. Central Cheltenham is lovely on a sunny day when you can wander around under the trees, I think. Wish I'd realised you were coming as near as Tewkesbury, we could have met up. Glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Thanks for the lovely comment. Gorgeous photos x

  11. sounds like an excellent adventure!!

  12. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left me, I was so touched.
    I absolutley LOVE your dresser - sooo lovely!
    Have a lovely weekend
    BH x

  13. Hi Jenny this is my first visit to your blog.. I have neverbeen to any of the places that you have mentioned but hey, the pic's are just so wonderful that I feel like I have visited along with you.

    Thank you for sharing x

  14. I went to Gloucester and Cheltenham years ago.And that very same BP shop! Glad you ended up having a wonderful break away.
    Love the new header picture, that green is scrummy.
    Lisa x

  15. Sounds like a great weekend. I don't think my bank manager would like me to visit that antiques centre! Love your new header.

  16. It is a small worls isn't it? I'm pleased I was able to expand your Greydawn collection!
    The new docks development has made a big difference to Gloucester.


  17. Lovely photos, looks like you had a great time! I like the new header too! :) x

  18. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip!
    I would love to visit some day.
    P.S.I Love the header!

  19. Oh it's beautiful there, the colors in especially the first pictures are sooo cheerful and bright!
    Have a sweet Sunday, Jenny xxxx

  20. Utterly gorgeous photos.
    I love Glous for a spot of antique shopping, especially the HUGE place on the docks.
    I haven't been to Cheltenham and Tewksbury in years mainly because my ex boyfriend (of uni years) lives nearby and I dread bumping into him.

    Your post was beautiful.

  21. Hello Jenny :)

    Thank you for leaving your kind comment on my blog... I loved reading this particular post, as I recall visiting Gloucester in my teens but sadly, I don't I remember much of it. Well, you know how teenagers are, their mind is always somewhere else! (^_^)

  22. Oooh looks lovely!

    And nothing wrong with a premier inn, I've stayed at a few and when you just need a bed for the night they do the job just fine - and save money for shopping!!

    Victoria xx

  23. Jenny ~ I can hardly wait to visit Gloucester, Cheltenham, and Tewksbury! I certainly agree about saving $$$ for shopping! Thank you for your interesting posting...Cassandra ♥

  24. Wow, it looks like you saw some amazing things. Thanks for the excellent advice and gorgeous pictures. I will remember this for my next visit to your part of the world!

    Best wishes,

    PS Your blog is looking gorgeous! Great header picture.

  25. Hi Jenny!
    Hope you're having a good week!

  26. thank you for sharing your journey. I have never been to Glos. but would love to visit those antique centres. Lizzie

  27. Hi there,
    I have just found your blog, you had me following you at the header! It's fab! Lovely pics and glad you had a nice time in the end, look forward to reading more,
    Andrea x


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