Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Hi all
First I would like to say a huge thank you for everyone's birthday wishes and comments on my last post. I ended my birthday with a smile reading all your kind words. Mind you I was thoroughly spoiled again and had a lovely day, so I certainly should have been smiling.

bithday goodies......

 .............. another great creation by DD and her partner...still not on sale yet but I get the first one!

Well....I said I would show you what we got up to at the weekend and which 'celebrity' we rubbed shoulders with and so here goes..... ( mind you I use the term loosely, 'cos although I think most people will recognise him, the term celebrity does seem to be used to describe any random exhibitionist who is prepared to embarass themselves and most of their audience on these so called reality shows nowadays).  You can guess here I am not a fan!! ( of reality shows that is not this gentleman, although quite honestly he's a sort of amusing bloke on the tele presenting an antique show, nothing that I can get really excited about!) about grumpy old women...I really sound like one don't I?  I'm not really, but the use of the word 'celebrity', along with 'hero' certainly means a far different thing now than it did a few years ago!

Saturday was fairly quiet and on Sunday we first went here.....

beautiful Stamford to an Antique fair.  It was windy but at least fine. Apparently Friday had been horrendous, but I have to say it was very poorly attended. It did mean however that at least you could get to the stalls to have a good root around....

It was here that we spotted.........

They were filming episodes of bargain hunt and because of the lack of people, it must have been quite a bonus for them to be able to do so almost undisturbed. So when the new series goes out, if you see a flash of bright orange trying to get out the way, it could be me, 'cos even with all that space they kept coming to the same stalls I was happily browsing in.
Any way I did manage to find a Christmas present for my DD, a pair of fantastic 40s glasses to add to my costume I am getting together (more about that another time) and a wooden shoe form, which I shall use to shape some felt slippers I am trying out (adults this time) and then use it for display in my sewing room.

From here we went on to Wansford to the Nene Valley railway to what has for the past two years been one of the highlights of my birthday weekend.  But alas once again there was such a poor turn out. The weather didnt help either as by now it was drizzling quite heavily.
There were still some brave souls sporting 40s outfits, and I think that the Saturday had been much better attended, but it will be a shame if it peters out.

We finished the day with a lovely meal at a country pub. I did enjoy the day it just seemed such a shame that after all the effort put into these things we are in danger of losing them through lack of support.

Well I'm off to do a bit of work (sewing) now before I allow myself a few minutes...  (who am I kidding).. with Professor Layton!! to keep the old brain cells working!

Jenny xx


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday weekend despite the weather. Stamford is one of my favourite towns, I didn't know about the antique fair but was over there a couple of Saturday's ago for the Discover Vintage fair. There was a Railway at War weekend at Chapel Brampton here in Northants but the weather wasn't kind. if you get the chance it would be lovely to see you at our vintage fair in Northampton on Oct 23rd.
    Ann x

  2. Well a very Happy Birthday to you!!!
    It looks to me like a perfect weekends entertainment despite the grim weather, I loved seeing the 1940's outfits.

  3. Despite the rain it looks like you had a lovely time. I'm not too keen on said celebrity either...
    Jille x

  4. ages back when I used to sell at Kempton, we had the "antique" mob come round for filming, and I politely but VERY firmly asked them to go as far away from my pitch as possible!
    They were quite gobsmacked (it was in the beginning when antique-show filming was still a novelty) but I explained that we paid rather a lot of money to stand in the freezing cold, so it was imperative to sell as much as possible before going home, and with all their equipment they were blocking buyers from coming near!

    On a brighter note (quite literally) I was thinking about what colour scheme to use on my stall at my Village Hall Vintage Fair, when I found your gorgeous string of spotty bunting in the linen cupboard. Red and white it is!
    Thanks so much, it's going to look fab- red and white cloths with matching bunting that even has my name printed on it.
    Now- if they wanted to come and film that ;))

  5. Wasn't it just the wettest weekend :( Looks like you made the best of it and got out and about. Love the 1940's weekends - I shall get to one eventually.




  7. Hi Jenny,
    yes Church and Chapel Brampton are very pretty villages next to each other. They were both part of the Althorp estate owned by the Spencer family. There is pub in Chapel Brampton called The Spencer Arms that has a reputation for excellent food if you are ever in the area. The railway is part of the Lamport railway and they regularly have Railway at War events. Eleanor who is one of the sellers at our fair always has a stall there and she was telling me all about it.
    Ann x

  8. The Wartime weekend at my local steam railway was poorly attended too - whats wrong with folk!! xxx

  9. Glad you had a lovely birthday! I love the 1940's outfits, I especially like the green dress that girl is wearing in the last photo, looks great with the heels (if only I could walk elegantly in heels!)!
    Not so keen on that celebrity either... :) x

  10. go girl....enjoy prof leyton its adictive! hugs x

  11. happy belated birthday!



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