Sunday, 5 September 2010


Bonsoir mes amies (amis)
...don't want to be accused of sexism here!.....

As you will have seen from my last post, I have been a little busy just lately....however I can now confess that part of the pressure to get things done was because I was also going on a little trip.....

.......can you guess where.....! It's not too hard.....

A charming gite in the Pas de Calais.......

being only just over the water,..although we went under it! you can guess the weather is not so different from here, but we were very lucky that apart from a couple of sudden downpours we had really pleasant weather that got hotter as the week went on....

We saw the most amazing in Arques.... Boulogne

and in Lille.....

and walked on the beautiful beaches of Berck sur mer and Le Touquet

were entertained by amazing displays at festivals.... I love stuffed aubergine, but I don't think I could manage a whole one of these....

or do the watering....!!

I quite fancied a go on here..... so so pretty..

and loved the true shabby chic that you get with french buildings...

we met some charming inhabitants who were keen to show us that you can't beat really fresh fish straight from the harbour.....!!

but now its back to reality.  The unpacking done, the washing done........and back to work....but oh so grateful that we have had such a lovely 'pick me up'

Our only regret was our timing...we missed out on the huge brocante held in Lille this weekend, which apparently is one of the biggest in Europe. But all is not lost as we are planning to go again next year for a long weekend just for that.... empty cases of course...

And so lovely ladies who are awaiting packages from me, the slippers were finished, the wedding outfit completed and now I will finish your goodies and get them posted as soon as possible.....
and then.....

I have a fabulous piece of camel cashmere and wool just waiting to be turned into a new winter coat and it will be fastened with antique french buttons found in a tiny brocante on our travels, so I certainly won't be idle for some time to come.

Jenny xx


  1. looks like you had a great time. Haven't replied to your email - will try to do so tomorrow

  2. I too have been en France. Having little people meant we didn't venture much further than the pool or beach though!xx

  3. Oh lovely pics. Sounds a wonderful break. I've too just got back from holiday - and I'm busy planning the next one! Look forward to seeing how your coat turns out. BW. xx

  4. Good to have you back.... wondered where you'd got to, Looks like you had a super time, love the aubergine and the fairground ride.

  5. Sounds as though you had a good time. We have wondered about going to the Braderie de Lille - weren't able to make it this year but maybe next - might see you there?!!!


  6. What a great trip you had. It's a pitty yuo missed the market in Lille but hope you will see it next year. Love the photo's of the old buildings.
    have a great week,
    Hugs Ester

  7. Gladto read that you had a lovely time!


  8. What a lovely trip - and great photos.

  9. Oh you know how much I love France and all things French - its so close, but a million miles more different. xxxxx

  10. French architecture is so good, isn't it. Even little towns have wonderful buildings. Like you, I love the old faded grandeur ... the original shabby chic. Great photo of the seagull with his dinner!
    Love Kathy xxx

  11. Such lovely photos Jenny, my parents live in France, only got back last week but seeing that lot makes we want to book another flight !, thanks for sharing x

  12. Sacred bleu! Look at that watering can! Lovely to have you back, and I rather envy your French trip. DO tell us about the Brocante if you go next year - ooof!

  13. You certainly managed to go to some very picturesque places. Looking forward to seeing all the brocante butons in place. Just how many suitcases will you be taking next year?!
    Lisa x

  14. It looks like a gogeous trip away.
    Will you make your own coat? Really? I could barely have any more awe in me!! Woweee!

  15. Your pictures are just lovely. Looks like a great time you have had!
    Have a lovely week

  16. I love France, it looks like you had a lovely time.
    Looking forward to seeing your new coat!

  17. What a wonderful trip you had! That is one thing we lack here in the US-- architechtural history. Yes, we have some, but we're such a "new" country we don't have all of the beautiful buildings as you do in Europe. I'd love to visit someday :)

  18. Looks like you had a lovely time! I have been there twice and loved it on both trips, the architecture is fantastic and the scenery beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely makes! :-) x

  19. Looks like you had a lovely trip. Great photos too.

  20. My, looks like you had a wonderful holiday! I love France... Can't wait to get back...

  21. Sounds like a wonderful trip, great pictures. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower.
    Ann x

  22. What a great getaway. I would love to take a trip to France some day but at this point I will enjoy hearing about others taking the trip and sharing their pictures. That is one of the fun things about blogging and blog reading. I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  23. Looks like you had a nice time - it makes me really want to go over there again! The thought of the biggest brocante in Europe - oh my, I have to get there!

  24. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great time.

  25. Gorgeous pictures! Looks a fabulous place to visit! Have put it on the list....Brocante here we all come! he he! xxxxxxxxxxx


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