Monday, 27 September 2010


I am feeling quite perky at the moment because the little gifts I have just sent out seem to have been well received.  As all my 3 PIF winners and the  'Pass the book' winner have now received their parcels, I can show you what I sent.  You may have seen them on their blogs if you follow them, but just in case you haven't here they are.....

First of all I made this for Fiona of Tizduster .......

As she had won the 'Pass the Book', I made her a little reversible book bag.

For the 3 PIF winners I thought that a bag each would also be pretty useful, so they received the same style bag in a different colourway.  Em from Garden Peas and Fleas and Jane of Marigold Jam who seemed to do more knitting and sewing also received a covered tape measure and Sue from @home received a little plant marker as she seemed to love her gardening (although she seems to turn her hand to many other things too!). Go say hello if you haven't met them already....

As my part time employment is about to end, I am concentrating now on returning to my little slipper business which I hope to relaunch very soon .

This is the sample of the latest pair I have made which with a few minor adjustments will be available.  They are more house shoes than slippers being made completely of cotton. I am even toying with the idea of making a few matching dress and shoe outfits...but thats still just an idea at the moment.

Will be back again later in the week to show you what we got up to this weekend and which tele celeb we rubbed shoulders with!!. Blogger was not playing with photo upload or I would have done 2 posts. It seems to be OK now but  I've wasted so much time I'll leave the second one and do it later.

I will console myself with reading some of your latest offerings, and the fact that it's my birthday tomorrow and perhaps I'll get to have extra wine.....and cake!!

Have a good evening and I hope the sun shines for someone tomorrow!

If you can't be good, enjoy being naughty....and don't apologise.....

Jenny x x


  1. Lovely bags Im sure they were v pleased, what lucky ladies! Must do my PIF soon!
    Heather x

  2. Those people are so lucky! The bags are gorgeous-you are so clever!

    Happy Birthday! I hope your day is fabulous.

    Best wishes,

  3. Those bags are absolutely wonderful, Of course they were thrilled who wouldn't be? Your colour choices are perfect too. Loving the slippers, are they for children? Do you just do girly slippers?(I have 3 boys x)

  4. What lovely slippers - so cute!

    Hope you have a very jolly birthday!


  5. I love those bags too! Must do my PIF soon.
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. As the lucky recipient of the red bag I was indeed very pleased with it. Love the other colourways too especially the blue one. We were all lucky ladies as was the book winner. And thanks for the links. Those slippers are so cute but must be very fiddly to make.

    Jane x

  7. Lovely bags & beautiful little slippers!
    Have a fabulous birthday - I hope there is indeed much wine drinking & cake eating!
    Steph xx

  8. Happy Birthday Jenny...!
    Have a fantastic day...x
    If your ever in Peterborough again let me know, we could grab a cuppa together Em x

  9. The bag are gorgeous, very professional and well chosen for each recipient! Wondering which celebrity you saw at the weekend... Happy birthday! :-) x

  10. Hi Jenny,

    What fab bags, I'd say they were all delighted to receive them!

    I love the slippers too, very cute :-)

    Emma xx

  11. I wish you a VERY Happy Birthday. It would have been my Mum's birthday too, so I shall raise a glass to you both, xxx

  12. Happy Birthday to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day! Those bags are BRILLIANT!!!!!! I love every one of them. xxxx

  13. Lovely things you have made !
    Happy Birthday to you !
    Sue x

  14. Lovely bags and those little shoes are so cute! Have a great birthday tomorrow x

  15. suns shining here!
    Happy happy birthday to you, have a BIG slice of cake for me!

  16. Happy Birthday Jenny. It's lovely to be 21!
    Jille x

  17. Happy birthday Jenny!

    What a lovely bags you've made.
    have a great day.
    Hugs Ester

  18. Happy Birthday Jenny,

    I commented yesterday, but it seemed to swallow it and I wasn't sure if it had got through...

    The bag is gorgeous and even better in real life.
    Thank you so much x

  19. Hope you are having a fab birthday.
    I can see why the bags were well received, they are so lovely.
    Lisa x


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