Friday, 23 July 2010


Hi there
Well today has been very different and very exciting. Meeting up with some blogger friends for coffee has been a real treat. However all that is to come tomorrow once I've sorted the piccies you'll have to be patient...

In the meantime here is the promised tour of Rufford Abbey and Country Park..
Last weekend we went on one of our jaunts fearing that the awful weather would spoil our day a little as most of the day was to be spent outdoors...But yet again the sun shone and made everything that bit more special.

Rufford Park, Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest are all very close and I would imagine many many years ago were all joined together. Rufford started out as an Abbey until Henry V111 reign and then eventually became a private house. This was put up for Auction in the 1930s and was eventually bought by Nottinghamshire County Council. In 1956 a large portion of the buildings were demolished as unsafe and then what could be was partially restored and finally opened up to the public.

The courtyard where you will find the restaurant....

Some of the restoration work, as you can see there is little of the original house left....

In the cellar there is an exhibition showing how this would have been used as the refectory for the monastery and lots of information about the life and antics....and I do mean antics of the monks!!

You can see why they were targeted for closure even though the declaration above implies that it was unjust...

The vaulted ceiling is amazing

But I dont fancy one of those apples......

The fireplace down here is from the private house though and installed years later..

This picture was taken about 1909 and shows the house in its prime.....

The stunning walks take you around lakes...

Through a wide grassy ride...

All this and nature too!.....

This fella is obviously used to the camera..

And these were my star performers of the lounging about with the kids while mum provides all the food.......we've not progressed there much have we.
£3 to park and otherwise FREE!!!

Thanks for lending me your ears again..or should that be eyes.. will be back with the tale of the bloggers meet tomorrow.

Jenny xx


  1. Brill day out all round I think Hun! Looks lovely and steeped in history.

    Did you not have to play at imaginary games of chasing your brother and firing arrows through the bushes at any point? ...just me on our days out then ha ha! x

  2. Looks like a great place to visit. Can't wait to hear how the meet up went.


  3. What a fabulous place... so many of these treasures hidden away in our beautiful countryside... love the pictures..

    x Alex

  4. Great photos. I love the place.

    You must visit Rufford around Xmas time. They do lovely xmas lunches at the Savile Restaurant and Santa comes to the garden centre.

    The Sunday Market is utter rubbish at Thoresby, but I know you'll absolutely love the park, craft shops and cafe. They hold a really good craft fair there - I think this year it's being held 9th & 10th Oct. Well worth a visit.
    To get to the car park: (directions via the A614)turn right at the little roundabout signposted for Thoresby, travel alittle way down this road, then you'll need to be turning left at the park entrance, which is just before the turning for the hotel car park entrance, it's probably sign-posted for plant sales or something - blink and you'll have missed it.

    Let me know if you do go. It'd be nice to know what you think of the place.

    Jill x

  5. you don't much of a day out for £3 these days - that was so worth it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That squirral looks so sweet.

  7. What an amazing place to visit. The architecture is just stunning!! Thanks for taking us along for the tour!!
    ~ Jo :)


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