Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Hi everyone, after writing a post at least every week and sometimes twice since I started in February, life suddenly caught up with me this week and I have only just managed to grab a bit of time to say hello!

I was going to take you on another tour, this time to Rufford Abbey and Country Park, but I will have to save that for later in the week.

I cannot believe I actually forgot my camera this time, but my friend came to the rescue and let me pinch hers for the day. I have therefore had to wait for her to bring her lead etc so I could download the pictures and they need a bit of attention before I can show you them.

In the are a few things I picked up at the car boot on Sunday morning before we set off for Rufford.

 Yet another 'vintage' book though as you can see by the date it is rather more antique than that and in amazing condition!


This ones a mere baby by comparison.....
.seems to be a school theme running through my book collection at the moment

only 1949 this time...

My DH bought this first painting  from a CS on the way home from one of our weekends away, I absolutely love it and so wanted to share it. It just sums up the English countryside for me..

a bit more detail....

There is just something about water colours that really appeals to me.  I don't really understand 'art', all I know is what I like. The kind of thing that makes me smile, gasp and wonder at the amazing talent of some artists. I've never really got to grips with modern art ......but then it wouldn't do for everyone to be the same.
One water colour artist I have come across is Jason Parsons, who I believe came from Lincolnshire. I found  a beautiful picture of an estuary with boat sheds and a small boat in a CS once and then later at a CB found another small example of his work.  I keep looking out for more, but no luck yet.

My second picture was from the CB on Sunday...

again I really know nothing about it except it has the same appeal as the vintage books about school life.....or Swallows and Amazons.......

My final treasures (apart from a couple which I can't share at the moment as they are for swaps) were this vintage tablecloth and tray cloth....sorry the pictures aren't so good being white on white...

Such incredible fine stitching it makes you wonder how they did it when they would have had such poor lighting compared to today!!

And last but not least I have wanted one of these for ages. All the ones I had seen were about £8.99 and this little beauty was a mere £3.99 from Timmerman's garden centre on the way to Rufford.  I use this rustic twine for some of my bunting and for hanging unbleached linen hearts, so I will be able to keep it tidy now and not constantly knotted.

Well its time to sign off now, I will get the Rufford photos sorted and be back soon.

Jenny x x

Only 3 days to go to the Blog Meet!!!  See you there.......


  1. The last picture reminds me of the stepping stones at Dovedale in Derbyshire. I think we are going to all start suffering from eye strain again when we've used up our supply of the 'old fashioned' bulbs and have to use the new low wattage ones! Have a super blog meet, wish I could be there...

  2. Jenny you've some wonderful finds here! Those vintage books are just delightful.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Those watercolours are lovely - the one with the stepping stones looks very like a favourite spot of ours in the Borrowdale Valley. Reminds of me of good hot days there with two soaking wet children!!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. helloooooooo- love the little string tin, we're so easily pleased aren't we!
    Enjoy your catching up

  5. I was wondering where you got to- glad it was just fun busy-ness and nothing more sinister! Lovely purchases- weirdly i know someone called Irene Tilley who may just about be old enough to be your one! xx

  6. It seems so funny to be reading familiar place names like Rufford Country Park and Timmermans Garden Centre. I originally come from Bulwell in Nottm, but I also lived in Newark for a while. I used to walk my dogs at Rufford in the evenings. It's a lovely place. Have you ever been to Thoresby Park (just up the road from Rufford)? A very lovely park with a courtyard cafe and craft shops (and free parking, which is always a bonus).

    I love the old linens you've managed to pick up and that painting of the children crossing the stream is just lovely.

    Jill x

  7. I love to look at pictures and imagine the story behind the scene, those children I would imagaine are up to mischief! I'm so jealous about your meet up, so much so, you can go and play with your string and 'Get Knotted!' Hee hee. X

  8. I love the covers of the books, modern ones just aren't the same anymore!

  9. I wondered where you had gotten to . Thanks for reminding me about Rufford Park - we used to go often, but we seem to just have forgotten about it! xxx

  10. Fantastic finds especially the old book Jenny. It takes me back to sitting in my grandma's old box room where she had a trunk of old books that I used to borrow. One called the The Cry of the Peewit has always stayed in my brain for some strange reason x

  11. The books are lovely. I bought a load of old annuals at a carboot this weekend, just because I liked the covers and the colours. Strangely, I also like the smell of old books x

  12. Those paintings are lovely. Hope you are having a great evening xxx

  13. Hi Jenny! So glad I found you (from my blog). Yours is lovely and I'm looking forward to following your stories:)

  14. Hi Jenny. I'm just not going to make the blog meet. Sorry. Gutted. My life has taken on a rather busy time. Maybe in the Autumn? Fiona.

  15. Lovely books and your other finds are great too. Thank you for dropping by on my blog. I'm glad you did.

  16. Hi Jenny! So glad I found you (through MY blog). Looking foward to following your lovely blog:)

  17. Fabulous books from the booty! I love when they're been written in,

    Victoria x

  18. Lovely finds - the pretty linens get my vote for best item though. Think how much work went into making them!


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