Monday, 5 July 2010


Hip Hip Hip Hooray!!!

And not before time!... It's even been hot enough for me to wear mine (new in sale at Boundary Mills as DH crushed my last one in the boot of the car!)
 I cannot remember when we last enjoyed such a long spell of sunshine. So despite the fact that , as my mum would have said, the house needs bottoming .....and we are all in danger of suffocating under the piles of washing to do.... and if I don't iron some of that already done I will need to go shopping (any excuse) we have made the most of it. Outside walking in lovely gardens, playing and just enjoying it while it lasts.

Thursday found us at Belton House, a National Trust property with extensive grounds, wonderful kids adventure play area and a beautiful house into the bargain...typical have loads of photos but not one of the house itself...never mind! What did we do.......

Meander at leisure throught the trees

Got to know the locals

Visited the beautiful lake and boathouse ( I will show a piccie of the house one day as I'm sure we will go there again)

Then on Sunday we headed to a Megaboot!!!....all of 12 stalls!!  A bit of a disappointment, I think it clashed with another one locally so most of the regulars had deserted them.  I did find a couple of bargains, but that's for another time.

From there we headed off towards Tattershall Castle ( National Trust again), but were so parched we decided to have a stop on the way........ here........

Now that's a sign you don't see very often...'Free admission'  
(By the way its apparently pronounced Ascoffy!) Spalding

We had been here before but thought you might like a bit of a tour...

Wonderful topiary...I think it looks a bit fairy-like...perfect for a production of A Midsummer Nights Dream!

Can you see the ducks nose to tail!

Still some lovely flowers in bloom....

After excellent refreshments in the little cafe in the grounds we finally headed for Tattershall Castle...

It is by no means large and theres not a lot of objects to see, but if you do go do take the taped guides (they're free) because the history of the place and it's final restoration is fascinating and where walking through on your own with no guide would probably only take half an hour with the tape you can spend an hour and a half to two hours and not be bored.

I particularly loved the story of the fireplaces. In around 1911 the place already derelict was sold to the Americans and they removed all the fireplaces intending to ship them out to America. A gentleman (I beleive his name was Curzons) heard about this and decided that the castle was such an important part of our history that it should be retained by the nation. To cut the story short he bought the castle within 24 hours, found where the fireplaces had been stored ready for shipping and returned them after some time, triumphantly to Tattershall.

photographs property of National Trust (please forgive me but it added to my story)

Restoration in progress....

One of the fireplaces back where it belongs!.....

Here endeth the history lesson....Sorry hope you aren't too bored...this is a bit of a marathon!

Anyway that was our weekend, thoroughly enjoyable...and I might add finished of with the most perfect dinner at the 'Queens Head' Kirkby La Thorpe. Well recommended if you live in or near Lincolnshire.

And so finally....

the Puffin progresses!

Drawing complete, digitized for embroidery............

But you will have to wait for the project as I have a daughters birthday to prepare for this week.....


Jenny x x


  1. I hope your NT members, Great pictures and I love the story of the fire places.

  2. Hi Jenny, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. This is a lovely post and am just gooogling a map, the fireplace story is great and we would love a day out there in the school holidays. Thanks for sharing.
    Mr Puffin looking very majestic, well done.
    Deb x

  3. How very sweet is this! Loved the whole trek, from gardens to castle, to restored fireplaces! Looks like a very fun outing, indeed : ) Hope you get caught up with your laundry, but since we've had a full day of rain here, I know what you mean about seizing the day! Enjoy! xx Suzanne

  4. What a lovely peaceful place ... I love your Puffin.

  5. I can identify with the ironing has been known for some of it to go back in the washing machine at Chez Cloth Shed to reduce the heap!
    What a great fireplace story at Tattershall Castle it would have been terrible if they had gone to America.
    Enjoy the sunshine...
    Julie x

  6. ilove that boathouse. Please show us more of it.The weather has been terrific here as well. Thanks for your comment. Let's keep our fingers crossed for tonight, the 250 meters of orange bunting is fully prepared! XX

  7. looks like you had a wonderful weekend too! Aren't we lucky to live in a country that has so many beautiful places to visit. Jane xxx

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and definitely worth a visit. I love finding out the history of old building etc x

  9. Ive been to Belton a couple of times (and loved it) but Ive not been to the others (but ive popped them on "the list") Thanks for sharing your lovely day out. xxxx

  10. Gorgeous photos and great story about the fireplaces. Glad you have been enjoying the sunshine, its been so lovely, i could get used to this :) xxx

  11. It is indeed pronounced 'Ascoffy' - I worked there for 12 years although the Museum we set up then has been altered over the last few years - it was a wonderful place to work and is a super place to visit:)

  12. Lovely post. I do like a bit of history!
    Lisa x

  13. Lovely photos and a lovely post.
    I agree about making the most of the weather - I love it and I'm sure my ironing pile is as big or bigger than yours! This is what summer is all about and it has been a few years coming!!

  14. What lovely out-and-about photos, I don't blame you skiving off if the alternative is ironing!

    Hope all is well with you- it's raining here today and we've just cut hay so I'm not in the best of moods and thinkng of tackling some jobs around the house to work off my annoyance.

    Maybe one more cuppa while I have a look at a few more blogs...:))))


  15. We're all NT members but live quite a drive from any! We visited Belton a long time ago for the adventure playground and weren't disappointed, but it did take a while - my eldest always wanted to go to Tattershall Castle so perhaps it's time to arrange a one night stay somewhere in that direction so we can combine as many places as possible. Very interesting history about the fireplaces, thank you. And I love that topiary in the gardens of the museum - and the fact that it's free too, thank you for telling us about it.xx

  16. Great post, I'm glad the fireplaces were returned to their rightful places. I also love your puffin!

  17. Thank you for your comment & interest in my blog! xx

  18. What a lovely post! Beautiful that boathouse! Fell in love with it :)
    Enjoy the sunshine, here it's hot hot hot, so happy with our pool now :)

  19. Wow...what beautiful images...especially love the topiaries.

  20. Ooh.. thank you for the guided tour.. I do love a bit of topiary! If you ever find yourself at Montacute House in Somerset you will love the sculpted yew hedge topiary.. it is a sight to behold!

    Michele xx

  21. Thankyou for popping over and for your comment.We joined the NT recently and have saved loads on parking alone.When we were on holiday in Devon last year,we found many of the car parks attached to the beaches were NT so we could park for free! We have quite a few properties here in Sussex which we enjoy visiting.Looking forward to seeing the puffin project!

    Bellaboo :0)

  22. I love National Trust days out too, thanks for sharing your lovely pics :)

  23. Nice Collection of Pictures.


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