Monday, 12 July 2010

NOT THE WORLD CUP.............

Well I hope there is somebody out there who like me is not interested in, doesn't want to talk about and certainly hasn't been watching the football!

Don't get me wrong, I do like some sport, but I prefer my sportsmen and women to be dedicated, hard working and proud to put in that little extra to excel. Someone who is proud to represent our country. I don't admire overpaid, timewasting prima donnas! When I think of the hundreds of kids out there with so much talent who will never get a chance to use it, it just makes me so cross. And to end this moan, what kind of society are we that we pay people who save lives, and those who give their lives a pittance compared to these so called stars. (Thats it honest, now for the nice bit)

Another gorgeous sunny weekend. Hot! Hot! Hot!
(I hope we don't have to pay for it later!)
On Friday I went to Peterborough with my DD. It was her birthday today, and next week she is off to a hen party, so wanted to find a few things to take with her. We had a fabulous day, for once finding almost everything we wanted. I got a new linen dress and jacket (not a set) and a Windsmoor dress at a ridiculous price, wrap style with 3 quarter sleeves, for the Autumn. DD found so many lovely things she had to actually limit herself for once, most unusual as she rarely finds what she's looking for! However when you hear that a T shirt and cardigan which she resisted cost over £100 you can possibly understand why!

On Saturday night I was baby sitting and set to wrapping her presents. She had requested a 'Swap parcel' just like I do for my blogger friends, so I have been steadily making and collecting some of her favourite things to put it all together. It wasn't until I came to wrap them that I realised how much we had collected.(It took me all night)

I hope you are ready for this. It looks a bit much just for a birthday but was in fact very thrifty being either made or found in CS and at CBs

The unopened parcel...

a wish list book

a hand made pinny

pocket detail

a vintage cheese dish


homepride salt and pepper set 
(to go with her original baking set from the 1970s)


scent bottle (to use as paper weight as so heavy)

hand made peg bag (have you seen something similar before)

a small!!!! selection of vintage books .......................

I think she was pleased with her 'swap' and has now added a bookcase to her wish list. It has been great fun doing it and we may keep this up from now on. It certainly beats trying to find 'something different' on the high street!

And finally..............A VERY SPECIAL PIF GIFT from Jackie at Starting off

A wonderful painted house sign.
I already have a sign at my front door so I will be saving this to go on the door of my sewing room when it is done. Thank you so much Jackie for such a personal lovely gift.


Jenny x x

PS. Anyone coming to the Peterborough blog meet, can you let me know how you will be travelling so that I can make the final decision about where to meet. (Can't wait!)


  1. what a wonderful box of birthday gifts, i'm pinching louise (sew scrumptious') idea for a friends birthday who's 40 soon (forty gifts) really must get my skates on though!!!

  2. HIYA!
    Cup final? I tidied out my stockroom and then watched Beaches (sob) with a large glass of wine and an even larger bar of caramel choc :))))))))))
    Bring on MORE football! (what, there is no more football?)

    I know you were annoyed you missed my last Giveaway; I've just launched a Vintage Knitting Pattern Giveaway...

    Have a lovely week

  3. Of course i don't agree about the football. I can understand why you don't like it :)
    Anyway, it's over now....
    I'm gonna check that Caravan book out. Looks lovely XX

  4. Oh my goodness! How fantastic is all of that! My personal favourite is the cool caravan book, I'm off to see if I can find it!! x

  5. What a great "swap" you did and a great idea for your daughter! I'm so envious of all those Ladybird books!!!

    Victoria x

  6. What a beautiful present ... I did something similar as a wedding present last year and the recipients were so pleased because they had never had anything like that before. I'm with you on the football too .... thank goodness that's over for another 4 years ;-)

  7. what a great idea, I might do something like that for mine. I will be driving to the meet I'm afraid.

  8. What a lucky girl, to receive all those lovely goodies. I love making up presents for my family too.

    Jenny, I'm a follower of your blog and you followed me too, but I've mistakenly deleted all my blog so I have just started another one. As I've also lost all my followers and the list of blogs I follow too I feel a little bit followless! Can you pop over to my new blog and follow me again? Thank you , Deborah/Debs

  9. Thank you for popping over to see me. You are quite right, total extavagance, but as I'm in the last few days of summer term I've gone in to total meltdown - the courts would understand!

    Now I have a dilemma about the meet, I am now helping with the scouts' canoeing. We will be driving to Ross-on-wye that evening, leaving Lincoln at 4pm. Deep down I know it will be too much driving, but would dearly love to come, and it's also an opportunity for you to try out my new scent - you'll be sold!
    Jille x

  10. Oooh what an amazing present and I am so jealous of those ladybird books!!
    Em xx

  11. What a lovely lot of pressies. For a few years now my sister and I only buy Christmas and birthday presents from jumbles, car boots and charity shops. It's so much more interesting to see what can be found. My mum is now in on the act too!
    Lisa x

  12. Those goodies are all such fun. Love the vintage books.

    Oh, and I didn't watch a single match of the World Cup. So you're not alone!

  13. What a lovely birthday gift. I bet she's thrilled!

  14. Everything looks so lovely!
    Specially the handmade treasures... they are always the best and the most special gifts of them all!


  15. Oooohhh what great birthday treats..great idea!!

  16. Love that parcel - a fantastic, thoughtful idea!!
    Let me know when you have a weekend , or Tuesday meet up! Hope it goes well : )

    Sharon xx


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