Monday, 21 June 2010


What a funny if typically British weekend this has been.
Saturday the temperature here barely topped 9 degrees, it was bloomin freezing!  Of course being me I'd decided to wear cropped trousers! Good job I popped a scarf round my neck before I trotted off to the shops or they might have found me days later frozen outside the butchers!
And then today..... bright sunshine, not blistering hot as it has been but around 19 degrees and certainly hot enough to sit in the garden until early evening.  It's no wonder our wardrobes are overflowing.  Gone are the days when we dared to take our winter clothes out at the first hint of spring and store them away with the moth balls (I never did this really...the smell! ooh no....) until autumn arrived.
However sometimes its the unexpected that spurs you on and forced to be indoors on Saturday I decided it was time to tackle that 'To Do' list. To be honest there was a pile of incomplete projects that I ought to have dealt with first, but.... I also wanted new bunting for the summer house, a new peg bag ( the plastic carrier hanging on the utility door now has only one handle), I had a pile of  T shirts to print for a family friend and a part of my daughters birthday surprise to make!!

And so T Shirts.....





peg bag.......


Daughter's pressie........

.......done.......tick....... (Well I can't show you can I!)

And just to prove that I hve been busy in the week as well these are the little toadstools my grandson and I made from Das ( the air drying clay) and painted on Thursday. We are going to string them in a little garland for his bedroom..

And finally before they drop altogether we gathered these lovely roses from the garden. The perfume is beautiful, the real old fashioned scent, just like the ones we used to collect as children to put into water and make our own 'perfume'....

The little white ones are seagull which now covers the archway outside our kitchen door and the perfume wafts in everytime we open it , it's really lovely.

And so with this pretty image I will leave you...hope you all had a good weekend...

Jenny xx


  1. Hi Jenny! My, what a busy girl you have been. LOVE all of the projects ~ the bunting is glorious and the toadstools are the sweetest. My daughter would love to make those, as she is a big fan of mushrooms and collects them {not the real thing, just cute replicas!}. Your handmades are darling and I'm wondering if you have a shop??? If not, you should ~ I'd love one of those great pillows, especially! Thanks for stopping by recently; I'm now following you so that I may do the same : ) Happy day!
    xx Suzanne

  2. You've been a good girl! And ilove the pegbag.
    My to-do list is very long and i'm afraid i didn't do a lot this weekend. Today i start the project "paint the staircase". It's black now and i want to paint it white (!) Not looking forward to it. Hope you have a good week. XX

  3. I love the little toadstools, if you had time they would make a superb tutorial - this is something completely new to me (surprising that a child can do such lovely work too - means there is hope for butterfingers like me). I don't know how you whizzed through so many projects!

  4. Oh you were VERY good weren't you- I only tackled the ironing!
    Have a good week

  5. What a trip down memory lane this post was what with the mothballs and making rose perfume! Love your pegbag - making onbe is on my list too! Those little mushrooms are so cute and the bunting is pretty - you must be well pleased with all those ticks on your list but does your list grow extra items as fast as you tick anything off like mine?!


  6. I love your to do list... so much more inspiring than my to do list... for example... mow the lawn, business paperwork, housework,friends gardening... etc etc lol

    I am looking to get a scented rose for our back garden... I love the yellow and the smaller white... beautiful!

    x Alex

  7. Sounds a lovely weekend. I love the bunting. I would love to make some fabric bunting, but cannot use a sewing machine. Oh well, might make some more felt bunting - although it wont be as nice as yours.....x

  8. Was cold here this weekend too - looks much better today though.

    Love the little mushrooms what a pretty idea :)

  9. Such a busy weekend Jenny. Well done you x

  10. Hi Jenny,

    it's so rewarding to actually tick your to-do list isn't it . . . I'll have to make more of an effort as mine just seems to be growing!

    I adore the piccy of your summer house, and your new bunting is gorgeous!

    Enjoy the sunshine.


  11. ooooh i love every single thing you made!!!! Hooray for productive weekends!!!

  12. What a busy bee you've been, all looks great. The forecast is looking good, hope the sun continues to shine !!!

  13. You were very good - my to do list just grows and grows!! xxxxx

  14. Gosh you have been Voom Vooming around haven't you?
    I love all the things you've made, the bunting looks great.
    Not one for writing job lists normally my Hubby suggested I write down everything that I needed to do or wanted down. In hope I would stop stressing about everything.
    I ended up with a list for little tasks and one for the big tasks.
    Now looking at what I have on my lists, I wish my jobs were more like yours.
    As I typed that I just thought...
    "Hey Em make another list, a nice things I want to do list"
    You can take full credit for that idea Jenny.
    Enjoy the sunshine...x

  15. I love the toadstools you and your Grandson made and your roses look beautiful. Hope you have a great week xx

  16. Now you have made me feel guilty with all those lovely things. My favourite has to be the toadstools. Tell Das I think he is very clever.

  17. hi goodness but you are a real cuppa creativity! i don't know which i like best, there are so many cute things to look at...the peg bag though i think rates number 1 followed by your little both! your home and the roses make me yearn to come to england...and the cooler temps are the icing on the cake....almost 100 here today!!! all the best...

  18. Oh gosh you have been busy,I love all the different projects you've completed but most especially those cute little toadstools.
    I can imagine just how utterly delicious those roses smell too...I hate that most bought flowers nowadays have very little if any scent.
    Em xx

  19. Hi Jenny,
    My, you have been busy, haven't you? All of your craft and sewing projects are lovely!!
    I'm so glad you stopped by today, and thanks for your sweet comment. I so appreciate it! :)
    Of course you may enter my giveaway. In fact, you are entered twice! It's my way of saying thank you to all my lovely visitors. :) Good luck!
    I hope you're having a wonderful day!
    ~ Jo

  20. It is lovely to share craft activities with children - the toadstools are a lovely idea! We visited Brecon at the week-end and actually found it a little too hot. Our 13 year old was at the All Wales Scout camp at Builth Wells and seems to have forgotten my reminders about sun cream!

  21. Love the bunting and the pegbag.

    Those were the days a jam jar, petals and flower petals we were easily pleased

  22. I love all of your projects you have completed. The roses are absolutely gorgeous and I can just imagine the scent.

  23. Wow, you have been busy. It does give a good feeling to tick so many jobs off your list doesn't it. kind regards, Shirley

  24. Hi Jenny, Thank you for taking part in the PIF chain of kindness can you please send me an email with your address so i can send you something i have made thanks again jackanne xx

  25. Oh, the toadstools are absolutely darling!
    I wish I had some of your energy. :-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  26. Great toadstools! And lovely roses too. We've been luckier with the weather here - warm sunshine all the way (and no sea mists for once!). And it's such a nice feeling when tasks are done and all the boxes ticked ... hope to get there too one day!

  27. I am loving your blog! Thank you for joining my site and introducing me to "Winnibriggshouse". Did you sew your peg bag? I just made one myself and I think it is still up on my home page if you scroll down. Yours, is much cuter, I think, but we cannot find Cath Kidston fabric here in the States, unless we pay an arm and a leg for shipping for the UK. Anyway, LOVE IT! And your rose looks so lovely. Stop by anytime :) xoxo


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