Sunday, 6 June 2010


Though if you have read my posts just lately you would think that I was...

No my first love and the one I return to again and again is sewing...and not just cushions and bunting and needlecases but what I really love........dressmaking.

It all started many years ago, no doubt encouraged by a mother who made just about all my clothes, by hand, and I mean by hand as she never owned a sewing machine. But at the time like most kids I didn't appreciate it and especially as I reached my teenage years in the '60s'.

Twiggy, mods and rockers, (I was a mod..DH a rocker !!) Mary Quant, and so needless to say, to a trendy teenager, mum's best 'homemade' didn't really cut it.  It's funny to read though years later how Twiggy herself with all her fame made many of her own clothes and still does!

Well I was fortunate enough to meet a girl just as we started High school who also had an interest in fashion and like me no cash to splash....and her mum had a sewing machine!  And no that wasn't why I became her friend...and still am to this day, meeting every Wednesday evening for our own version of 'stitch and bitch'. Usually one of us sews and the other bitches about the rubbish on the tele.

Anyway we started by making simple skirts and gradually copied all the latest trends by either starting from scratch or remaking something we already had.

Oh we weren't brilliant by any means and I dread to think now what the finishing was like, but it worked, we enjoyed it and the seed was sown.

So many years on I still feel the need to sew. Sometimes because I just can't find anything that fits properly, sometimes because what I see in the shops is so shoddy for the price they're asking and sometimes just because I've found the perfect fabric.

Well the urge is upon me again. Having spent a few months doing swaps and giveaways I wanted a complete change so out came the patterns.

Well it is almost summer...and we have had some sun!

Over the years I have bought many patterns, but because I nearly always have to adjust them, I find I buy ones now with more than one option so that I can use it several times without appearing to always wear the same thing.  I am the classic English pear shape.....if you turn me on my head!! 

I found this natural and white spotted fabric in my stash and thought it would be perfect for the straighter style..

Just doing the final fitting and minor adjustments

...Zip gone in Ok (not pressed yet so don't look too closely) and waist seam nicely aligned...
All it needs now is the bodice lining attaching and the hem to be finished and I will show you a picture of the completed article.....and then of course there are the other styles

Fancy this one with a white band round the top, very 50s..

And this one for my holiday in France in I wonder what fabric I should use...

Can you spot a bit of a theme here........ perhaps I'd better look through my stash again........perhaps ditsy roses ....or stripes..Oh no! imagine the problems matching that over my womanly curves!!

Too late to do any more now and so before I really do get spots before my eyes I will have to pack up. I will be back though to show you the result.

Hope you have all had a good weekend

Jenny xx


  1. I love that dress! Its looking fabulous, cant wait tosee the finished article.
    Do you know, id love to have the deressmaking skill, it would be great to be able to knock something up tailored to fit you and in any fabric you like.
    You are very talented!

  2. Wow, beautiful dress! I've had my eye on a reproduction vintage polka dot dress for a while, but at an eye watering £89.00 I think I'll be digging out some dress patterns and heading to my Nan's with some material x

  3. I think a little gold lamee bolero to go with that would just complete the look. Very Audrey and Doris.

  4. The green dotty fabric next :)

    You are very clever - I can make simple things - have made skirts in the past but putting darts & things in properly I struggle with.

  5. I love the fifties look dress- just do it with hat, gloves, heels! YEAY!!

  6. Great frocks!! Wish I could do dressmaking, but all those darts and other shaping are too tricky for me. You are clever.

  7. Looks lovely - I'd love to be able to make my own clothes. I might make that a resolution one day!

  8. I have just spied those gorgeous red shoes in your side bar, now how chic would they look with ones of your fantastic creations?

  9. Lovely dress!!! Well done. I would go for the green dots fabric!

  10. What fab patterns, I hope to be able to make my own clothes in the future :) xx

  11. That's a lovely dress you're making. Perfect for France.

  12. Oooh I love that dress! I bought a few dress patterns a while ago but haven't been brave enough to have a go yet. I really love that green spotty fabric!

  13. I love the look of the dress and the fabric. I hope too get some patterns and fabric at the weekend for my mum too make me some bits. Everything I like in the shops seems to be so expensive.

    Love Lou xxx

  14. I used to do so much dressmaking for myself when I was younger, it all changed when I had my boys and I've never managed to get back into it. I did make some frightful things though, completely made-up patterns and terrible fabrics, but then I suppose it was mainly the 80s. My greatest achievement was a fully lined ball gown for my friend, with a row of fabric-covered buttons, took me a month! Your dress is really nice, perfect fabric for such a stylish pattern. I like the green polka dots for the next one! xx

  15. Love the fabrics, green spots very French I think. Can't wait to see the finished article.

  16. The dress is looking good - I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Let's hope the good weather continues so you get to wear it!

    As a teenager I used to make all my own clothes, and those of my best friend too. We were always dressed in the latest 70's fashions. I would shop for fabric in the morning, make up the item in the afternoon and wear it to the disco in the evening! I'm too busy sewing other things now, but often think I would like to make clothes for myself again.

  17. Hi Jenny!
    That dress looks beautiful, I'd give anything to be able to sew. I'll bet it's going to look gorgeous on you. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  18. Very pretty, can't wait to see it finished!!! so glad you stop by today, and for the sweet comment! Blessings~~~Daphne

  19. Hi,

    Wow you are clever! I can't even follow a pattern or use a sewing machine and you've made something so lovely!

    Mel xxx

  20. I love your dress its fantastic! Have a wonderful week xxx

  21. Love that pattern, and the polkadot fabrics! It's great to have a friend with the same interests, you must have a great time with your sewing!

    Sharon xx

  22. I used to make all my own clothing, we used to have some great fabric stalls around these parts, but I find nice fabrics so hard to find these days. xxxx

  23. SUCH a pretty dress! FAB!!

    Looking forward to the launch of your website - the union jack 'Hope' cushions looks AWESOME!!

    Found you on the CC Bloghop - SUCH a good idea! Hope you like my blog too!


  24. hello Jenny,
    I read your story with big interest, and I really love it. How good it is to share your hobby with your friend. I sewed a lot of clothes for my children, but now I sew little things. I sometimes think I go sew something for myself again, but I find it hard to get it fit. But when I see your fantastic dress, I think I might try again. The fabric is also beautiful and I can't wait to see the pictures when you are ready.
    Hugs Ester

  25. That dress is fab!
    My first job after leaving college was working for Style/New Look/Simplicity in the design department and had free access to any dress making patterns that I wanted....those were the days!
    Vicky x

  26. Hi Jenny.
    Tks for visiting my blog. Of corse I will find a translator widge. I did'nt think I had English readers :) But it's great. I love your heading with the colorful bounting. And the dress and pattern is really nice.

    Have a wonderful summer day.


  27. Back again. The translator is in place. I had a great laugh when I tested my blogg in English. LOL a lot did'nt make any sence. I hope you will get the big "picture" of some of it lol lol


  28. Love to see all results! I enjoyed my visit here!

  29. Hi Jenny I love these styles, very cool and summery!! I am excited to see your end results!

    Art by Karena

  30. Wow Jenny you have some lovely work going on your blog picture too...thanks for visiting my blog...from another Jennie x


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