Thursday, 17 June 2010


Yes this post is dedicated to all you lovely bloggers both old and new who have kindly taken the trouble to follow my complete ramblings.  I do try to check out all your blogs, though there are a few for whom I don't seem to be able to find any contact details.
So this is my big thank you.  I have had so many lovely comments, so much encouragement that if once I doubted my wisdom in doing this blog I certainly don't any more.  You may only be internet friends but I have felt some real warmth and reading all your lovely blogs, found some fantastic shops and been inspired by some great projects.
I have always thought how lucky I am, good health, lovely family and a home of my own, but now I feel even more blessed with all the new people I am 'meeting' every day.
So keep it up ladies (and gentlemen) you would be surprised how the smallest cheerful comment can brighten a dull day.

........ and now the little bits on the side.

I am pleased to have joined in a couple of little projects. The first is to make a raffle prize for Caithness Rare Breeds.
 Just a couple of my needlecases but embroidered with a sheep theme..

Why don't you pop along there to see all the amazing prizes that have already been donated. I am in awe and will definitely be buying tickets when they release them, hopefully any time now!

I have also joined in with pip at  Meet me at Mikes in her decorated envelope giveaway.
What a top idea and lucky the person who eventually receives what now appears to be a mountain of stuff. Got my fingers crossed....
Heres my effort and a peek at the goodies I've enclosed.....

I have tried to stick to the advise about only including small inexpensive things I had squirrelled away. A few ribbon roses and bows. a print to frame, some tags etc. I have decorated my envelope, but have cheated by putting it in another so that the customs label and postage don't cover it all up....I hope that's still Ok...I'm sure it will be...Pip is going to display all the envelopes in her shop window and then in 6 weeks, probably 5 now, she is going to draw one lucky winner to receive all this bounty!!!!
I have really enjoyed painting the envelope...perhaps I should learn to do my blog banner and make it really individual....Now I am getting carried away I think!!
However there's one thing for certain that I have learned from all this, that I really do enjoy giving as much as receiving.

Off to do a bit of ironing now before I have to go shopping for new clothes as they're all in the wash!...Don't think hubby will wear that one though.........

Jenny x


  1. What a lovely post, Jenny. Am enjoying getting to know you through your beautiful blog, too! That envelope you made is fantastic! I haven't read Meet Me at Mike's in a while... might have to pop on over for a little visit.

    Almost the weekend! Hurrah!
    Erin xo

  2. I love your needlecases and envelope. Hope you are having a lovely week xx

  3. What a great read!
    Your needlecases are them both!
    TFS Clare X Weekend Crafter X

  4. Hi Jenny. Great post and I know exactly what you mean about our blogging community. I love it.

  5. i've joined pips envelope project too, it's a fun idea isn't it. yours looks amazing!

  6. Love the needle cases...adorable!!


  7. Isn't the envelope project such a great idea!? I would love to win too, but chances are slim... Love the little things you've been making! And I too love how warm the blogging community are...

  8. Hi Jenny- I think the one thing we both enjoyed most from our Giveaways was the actual giving- although your fab parcel was a gorgeous treat to receive and made me feel like a princess!!

    Thankyou for my "Just For You", I don't know about you but blogging has been so much more fun than I'd expected it to be; I love it!

    Have a great weekend xxx

  9. Love your envelopes, RULE BRITTANIA! I agree how lovely it is about getting to know people through our blogs. There's always someone to inspire, admire, or just put a smile on our faces. I wouldn't miss blogging for the world. Thank you for being my friend! SueXXX

  10. The needlecases are just beautiful!! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog!!

  11. Love the needlecases and your blog which I have been reading since day one. Finaly got around to leaving a comment. kind regards, Shirley

  12. really cute needle cases, nice detail inside with the dotty fabric. I know what you mean with the blogfriends thing, I think we all motivate, influence & inspire each other, here's to blog friends xxx

  13. hi Jenny, i totally agree you... i wrote a very similar post a couple of weeks ago... I never thought that i would have kept blogging or that other bloggers would accept me even though I'm incredibly shy. One of these days I'll put my first name out there...
    It is just plain nice to be accepted in a non-judgemental way isn't it??

  14. Wonderful needlecases!!! I wanted to thank you for stoping by our work space today, and for your sweet comments!! I'll be back for a visit soon! Blessings~~~Daphne

  15. Your more the welcome!
    It's always nice to come here.


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